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Thread: Interested in St. Augustine (KSGJ) Fly-In in December 2012

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    Interested in St. Augustine (KSGJ) Fly-In in December 2012

    July 27th, T2012

    BAC Members,

    The following is a request for feedback from those interested in attending a Fly-In at KSGJ, located in St. Augustine, FL. This would be held on the 7th, 8th and 9th of December 2012.

    I need this information for planning purposes. (group room rates, in addition, discount packages for group tours).

    St. Augustine has many varied attractions. The Christmas lights rank in the top 10 in the United States.

    How many people are most likely to attend the event? Please e-mail me if you are interested.

    Price range of motel rooms: some notes.
    A. (December – January High season)
    B. Limited room availability as there are many advanced reservations.
    C. What is realistic price range for lodging?
    a. Should I secure more than one location for lodging?
    D. There are “trolley tours” and you can buy multiple day passes.
    E. We have several other ideas for entertainment, but that depends on the response we receive.


    We are considering a welcoming dinner and cocktails on Friday evening. If it is a weekend of a SAAPA meeting(St. Augustine Airport Pilots Association), we could attend that event and meet many local pilots.

    Saturday, I am open for suggestions.
    A. An “on your own” tour or (to be determined).
    B. Followed with dinner.
    C. Then a group tour of the Christmas lighting...

    I am also looking for a guest speaker for the dinner on Saturday evening.

    Sunday: Group breakfast

    There will be people at the airport to greet on Friday and Saturday.They will also assist in parking your aircraft. The local controllers are
    “pilot friendly”. Rental cars available at the airport or we can provide transportation to and from airport. Current 100LL, self service is $4.99.

    This is my first opportunity to host this type of event, so any and all suggestions appreciated. There will be more information available
    after we determine how many are interested.

    I presently have two other members that offered to assist. They are Mike Deck and Mike Thompson.


    David Singleton

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    Hi David,

    Sounds like a great event - sir... I haven't been there in a long time and would like to see it again. It would be an epic flight for me - so - I'll need a little time to see if I can plan for it... Thanks for considering this...


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    It would be our pleasure to host an event at St. Augustine. There are many attractions for everyone. I hope you, and many others, are able to attend.


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    I was there 2 weeks ago, always looking for a reason to go back. We were planning on going in December anyway, subject to my trial schedule in this one headache of a case. By the way, cab fare from the FBO to downtown was only $10 each way, and that includes tip, so transportation for everyone is simple and easy as St. Augustine is a walking (stumbling?) town anyway.

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    I've got an uncle and cousin that live in St. Augustine, so it would be a fun trip for me. He has a hanger at one of the grass stips outside of town, don't know which one though. He was driving and I didn't pay attention. It would also be a mammoth undertaking for me, 5.5 hours or so and right about 60 gallons burned each way, so don't buy my burger just yet...


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    This is a great stopping off point on the way to/from the Bahamas for those of you that like to combine epic trips.

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    Hello David,
    Sounds like a great trip, my wife Susan and I drove to St. Augustine last Sept. for our anniversary and we loved it. I know I wouldn't have any trouble talking her into it. Please keep us up to date on the progress and I hope we can get many others to join us.

    Oh by the way, sitting on the beach is a great way to spend part of the time there.
    Tim Vangundy
    Camby, Indiana
    Gordon Graham Field, 2R2
    1978 Sundowner

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    Hi David,
    Glad you're working on putting this together. My wife, Rebecca, and I keep talking about making the trip up the coast from Vero Beach but just can't seem to get off the dime. This would be a great excuse. I answered "most likely" since I've found that any time I'm "definite", something comes up. Hope "we" are able to pull this off!
    Gary Embrey
    Vero Beach FL
    1974 Sundowner N21KM

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    Thank you for the early replys. I am open to any suggestions. I think it is a great location and hopefully many members will be able to attend.
    Tim reminded me of the beautiful beach and James pointed out one can "stumble" to most of the attractions. As time draws closer, we will have
    more information for Saturday activities.

    A link for info on KSGJ:

    We would love to have a huge turnout. The bigger the party, the better !!!!!!!

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    My daughter is not going to London in October, so I would say that the whole family is in, but only me and one of my daughters will fly, the others will probably drive. So, I would change my vote from likely to definitely.

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