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Thread: Winwood, West Virginia

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    Winwood, West Virginia

    I just noticed in another thread that there is some interest in a fly in to the Winwood resort in Davis WV. Sounds like a great Idea! How about we discuss it here? Weekend? Lunch?

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    Consider discussion started. How's next Saturday sound? Can we send out a email to the mid-Atlantic members? I am in if its VFR.
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    See if that works for others. I have a backpacking weekend planned already for next weekend. But if you want that weekend we can get it on the calendar. Yes there is a way to email the region. But I don't remember how. Someone will help us if we ask.

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    Windward is a nice little place. Great food and service!! Joe does a terrific job and he caters to the pilot folk. We have a pilots of America fly in there every year.
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    Bump to the top.
    All for one!
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    I'm in - how do we pick a weekend ???


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    Scott: It's pretty hard to plan much in advance this time of year, especially in the mountains of WV. You are flying the greatest distance so make a tentative plan, then firm it up late Thursday. Those that can come, will. So let's do this! Tom

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    Call it Scott and its game on.

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    Please not next weekend because I'm flying to Columbia, SC for the Tennessee-S.Car game. Winwood is one of my favorite destinations. I've talked with them several times about possibly buying a place there! Some of the world's best cinnamon rolls at Amelia's Restaurant!

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    Morn'n Folks,

    Make sure you have a nice guest room then - Alan - we may like it too...

    This is great - can't recall a BAC overnighter in this little corner of the country before... Well - since it's getting colder daily - just throw'n it out there - how about NOV 02 and NOV 03 - too soon ??? If a day looks good on either side of the weekend - I might extend a day so Jackie and I could take a look around the area...

    I like Tom's idea about checking in the Thursday before - to confirm weather... Would it be too late to make reservations at that point - or - should we reserve earlier and just hope for the best ? Are they crowded this time of year ? What about ground transportation - can/should we get a rent-a-car at Winwood ? If the weather cooperates - I'll probably shoot for launching at or before dawn with 2.5 or so of actual flight... Best place to fuel up in the area ?

    Hmm - I'd better go download a copy of JD - - - hmm - - - umm - - - then again - - - maybe not... County roads - take me home to the place where I belong - West Virginia - Mountain Mama - Take Me Home - County Roads... Good thing this is a forum and nobody can actually hear me sing...


    I'm ready:

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