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Thread: Reklaw Fly-In

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    Reklaw Fly-In

    This Friday through Sunday is the annual Reklaw Fly-In.

    I've never been but I've heard it's a lot of fun. It is put on by a family on their private grass strip. It's in east Texas. You'll have to search for it.

    It's usually this weekend every year but I think last year was cancelled due to dry weather and fire hazard.

    For info go to
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    Reklaw 2018 Fly In October 26 - 28

    I attended the 2017 weekend and all I can say is wow. Some will tell you this is scary because it is a grass strip with trees all around and a lake at the end, but I saw two Mice there last year and it wasn't tough for either.

    As events go this is a doozy. Lots of different planes and people and many many fly by's. Best to get in Friday and stay parked until departure. There are lots of planes constantly flying in, around and back, and did I mention fly by's? Plenty. Acrobatics way up there with smoke, yup this has 'em. Camping with plenty of lies around the fire at night. Facilities good too. Prep weekend the week before for those who are close and can help out.

    I'm planning on going this year so shout out if you're interested or want to hear first hand about it. There's plenty of videos on youtube also.
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    I would enjoy going this year, but we'll have the grandkids in town that weekend. So I will not attend. We could (cautiously) make this a Beech get-together if you wanted. It is nothing short of amazing, with persons telling me it is better than Oshkosh.

    Been there several times (photos) and always have it planned each year. A great camping event, but you need to be proficient and comfortable with your airplane, and dealing with a high level of traffic. And the occasional yahoo pilot. And persons willy-nilly walking on the runway (THAT really drives me nuts when plane watching). Watch your airspeed .... you WILL be distracted. Believe me when I say it is a real rodeo in the air.

    Heavy rains in Texas this year that will continue for another week. Hopefully, we'll get some dry weather before the event. Avoid this fly-in if it is wet. Be safe.
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    I went in 2016 and I think there were 500 airplanes there. Very busy for uncontrolled airspace. The runway is long but it easy to "lose" an airplane on the east end as the runway drops off below sight line. Everything can land and take off.

    Awesome good time.

    Sorry, not Beech but it shows that there is a variety...
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    We go EVERY year! I bid my vacation around this fly-in.....we take our motor-home and make a three day weekend out of it!
    Lots of good people and planes. Yes there are Mouses that show up, but I've never been able to catch up with any of them. Maybe this year?

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    If they build will be there!
    I've seen a Merlin III show up some years!

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    So where the heck is Reklaw?
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    One of the many many videos:

    Not as good as our Abel Island video:

    Sorry Nelson, I'm poaching your great state of Texas area by putting this on the calendar. Sorry I won't get to see you but anyone else come on and get there. I recommend getting in early Friday when it is quiet. Get there and park the plane for the weekend. Activity ramps up Friday afternoon and stays that way during daylight until Sunday morning. Getting out Sunday is easy.
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    Sounds great! After all ..... I had the breakfast Salida, CO fly-in a couple of years ago!!

    Agreed - - - - arrive VERY early on Friday morning .... just after sunrise if possible. Typically I arrived about 10:00 am and the traffic at that time is starting to ramp up pretty well. Again - a really good fly-in. Again - - you will be distracted by the traffic and the pine trees. You must pay attention to flying the plane and your target airspeed. Period. Not looking good ? - - don't hesitate to go around. Simple.

    Oh - - - and read the published instructions for pilots ..... of course.
    Nelson Amen
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