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Thread: Alaska 2013!

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    Alaska 2013!

    I am going to Alaska and hosting a Fly-In this coming summer. I am open on dates right now so let me hear what works for you? We will nail down a date (June- July) for this event. I'm thinking Nome as the official "fly-in" let's see what interest there is in it. Might even fly over to that little island that is very close to our neighbors! Anyone that knows me knows I can't turn down an island visit (Bahamas, Catalina, Nantucket). Let's see your interest!
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    Eddie Smith

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    I just want to be in the loop...just in case...

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    Make it after the Arlington Airshow and I might go, especially if that little Island is Kodiak. Drats, I'll have to renew my passport. Lemme think about that.
    Marty Vanover
    Tucson, Az.

    Where "Sandy Beech" has landed.

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    Marty: stay 12 miles offshore and don't stop until you hit Alaska: no need for a passport
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    Marty, we have talked about this for years now. Let's make it work. Arlington- Alaska sounds good to me.
    Eddie Smith

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    This sounds like a great trip. Kind of far out for me to plan, but will keep it in mind

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    Maybe if I can find someone to share expenses and hopefully flying duties, I can justify it. The Nome thing will be a bit on the expensive side with 100LL at $7.93/gal there at the moment. I doubt it will be cheaper next year. I would rather spend some time in Anchorage and drive up to Mt. McKinley State Park, or get a cabin close by the park. I haven't seen 20,000 peaks since I left Peru. I would also like to visit Kodiak Island. I think I may know some of the guys at the USCG Air Station there if they haven't transferred. Would love to do some Steelhead fishing there.

    There are actually two routes. We could leave from Arlington, WA and fly up the inland passage to Ketchikan, a 558 nm leg from P.A., then on to Yakutat and follow the coast to Anchorage with possibly a fuel/comfort stop in Valdez. Or, there is the AlCan highway route. The later requires a stop in Canada to clear customs and is probably the better route if there are airplanes slower than a Sundowner to fly with. However, this route does require some mountains to top. I think whichever way we go, that it be important for the group to stay in visual/radio contact. If there are a couple groups, slower airplanes and the twins and Sierra's then each group could proceed at their own pace. I don't mind slowing down and saving the gas if I'm the only Sierra on the trip. I doubt that Eddie will throttle back his Seneca much. Of course, he'll arrive a day ahead of the rest of us.
    Marty Vanover
    Tucson, Az.

    Where "Sandy Beech" has landed.

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    Marty , you may be right in that Anchorage might be the best place to set the official fly in. Then everyone can go on and do whatever. This is all to be decided as more people step forward. Kodiac island and fishing are high on my list. I have a connection on the fishing I'm working on. I do plan on Nome, but that can be my thing. I've been told to take the train ride into Denali( Mt. McKinley ) nation park. It takes you into the interior of the park where there are no roads.

    This will not be a cheap trip with fuel like it is. That is why I started this before the end of the year. It gives everyone time to "save up". I have flown on a couple of trips with a Sierra and my Seneca. It is very easy to accomplish and I enjoy the 12 gph Total fuel flow as well! As club members have before it is recommended to stay within visual range of each other and pair up in flights of two for many reasons. Much more to be discussed and decided so keep the post coming. I would recommend getting the "Milepost"( go to to order). It has detail about everything in Alaska and will help you decided what to see or skip if it isn't your cup of tea. They event have it available for your Ipad at iTunes.
    Eddie Smith

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    Orbiting Earth Left the Solar System rgschmi's Avatar
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    If you take the Alaska Highway, you can get across all the mountains by flying no higher that 7500 or so. Not really mountains, even! If you do Nome, you should really go to Kotzebue as well,. It's only 125 or so NM north of Nome, and it's above the Arctic Circle. Wouldn't recommend an overnight there, though. You should also stop at Unalakleet and see the Flying Wild Alaska crew.

    I'd also join the Alaska Airman's Association and get the Alaska Airman's Handbook. They have pretty detailed descriptions of all the routes, pretty much turn-by-turn information. Lot's of warnings about weather along the coast.

    Sounds like fun, but probably not gonna make it this time. My deal is camping, plus my personal goal is flying the Ice Road to Prudhoe Bay and Barrow.
    Bob Schmidt, Founding Member
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    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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    PERFECT!!! I am in TX. We will be flying to a conference in CT end of June and then from there off to see a s/w dev. buddy in Edmonton, AB area...and then we were looking at flying the ALCAN Hiway so I could do "bush pilot" stuff! Already flown most of it in FSX and looks like in a Mouse our longest seat times would be Edmonton up to Fairbanks about 2:13, or so. Then, if the weather window is right (early Aug) coming down would be coastwise from Anchorage down to Ketchikan as a multi-hop (Juneau and such) and then copper river just in time for fresh salmon with any luck. Then down to Nanaimo BC and then clear in at Friday harbor and enjoy some time in the San Juans. Figure from here in TX it will be about 65 hours flight time, depending on detours through Vegas on the way back.Budget buster, but will do high def video and such and may turn it int0o a coffee-table book, just sayin...Once in a lifetime deal! My only cav. is need internet for writing projects and markets but hell yes!N7912L the crazy man at PS: Bob I like your ICE ROAD go, dude! Planning a plenary session at Chad's shop at Ellijay in late Feb to annual up for this, do gear pucks and all that...
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