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Thread: Article: Beech Aero Club Board of Directors Election

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    Article: Beech Aero Club Board of Directors Election

    Daniel Jonas

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    Please PM or email me at doug dot muse at gmail dot com if you would like to add your name to the list. I encourage all members to consider running. This is your club and we need YOUR support to manage it.

    Doug Muse
    Nominations Committee Chair

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    It will be good to see some new faces on the board. And, YET AGAIN, thank you Doug Muse for service on the election committee. That is a tough job that takes time and persistence! Well done, Tiny!

    All for one and one for all,
    Chris L.

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    BAC is in need of a Northwest Regional Director. If you live in the Northwest region please consider running and let me know.

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    FYI - elections may be a day late getting posted - having some network access difficulties from Shanghai to correct the final ballot polls.

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