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Thread: Willows Fly IN Breakfast 3/9/13

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    Willows Fly IN Breakfast 3/9/13

    I flew to Willows this AM for breakfast. I posted late so, no PT points were considered. After arriving we had five Bonanzas, one Cessna, two RVs and a Grumman on the ramp. I met with Lew Gage from Reno. Lew is retired from Pan Am, rents hangars at Stead (near Reno), contributes to ABS' magazine, holds several STCs for Bonanzas and has authored two books on Bonanza Maintenance. As you can tell, all I did was listen and take notes!

    The flight was interesting. I took off with light winds and watched them grow until my ground speed to Willows was 120 Kts at 4500 and my return speed was 165Kts GS at 3000 (21 sq'd) . When I returned the Gusts were at 24 and from the west. I carried power to touchdown. I wrestled with the yoke and ballooned it a couple of times as I over controlled pitch while carrying the extra speed. I got back on track before I decided I needed to go around and landed gently. It wasn't pretty to watch but, I didn't bounce or three point it either. The new houses on the side of the airport do funny things with the wind.

    Overall it was a good day. I bought an extra prop blade from Lew. My plane has the Beech electric prop. Parts are becoming hard to find. I now have pieced together enough parts to have a spare.

    Another nice thing was I got to test my Stec 40s heading feature. Some of you know I have been fighting a problem where the heading would suddenly stop working. The rest of the features were fine. After four long days of trouble shooting ($$$) two trips of the ST 901 and many phone calls to Stec, Executive Autopilots determined the GPSS module (ST 901) that had gone to Stec and been re-worked was still bad. Once they dialed it in, it works great.

    This concludes the report. I have no photos. My camera's battery went dead.
    Remember our next fly in will be at the Columbia Airport on April 6. See you there.

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    Great report, Bob! I'm sure you learned a lot. Guys like Lew are a real treasure and wonderful to spend time with.

    Here's hoping we can join you in April! It is on our calendar!
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    All for one!
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    Great I can't wait to see you guys!

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