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Thread: Vermont Pot Luck

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    Vermont Pot Luck

    On Saturday March 30, 2013 Larry Perry (spotthepilot), and airport manager, hosted a Pot Luck Fly-In at Springfield VT (KVSF). Lots of planes, of all types, on the field. Good food (and lots of it). And BAC was there!
    Larry's Sundowner was there. Wayne Hanson flew in from his base at Northcentral, RI with his A-23. And I was there with my Sundowner. there was an unknown Skipper there who was, it seems, not interested in BAC (Oh well...). NERD Corcoran, tied to home by plumbing which will not be discussed, nevertheless promised a BEECH BUM Tee shirt to those three.
    Look for pix in the gallery soon. Search Northeast Fly-In - Vermont Pot Luck - KVSF
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