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Thread: All right Northeaster's...

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    All right Northeaster's...

    Hi Folks,

    OK - better weather is here so lets not have anymore excuses... Tom has been snapping the NERD whip - and - we need to get out there and represent... I still don't have my plane issues resolved so it's really hard to get motivated for fly-ins... As many people know - LOL - I have driven to fly-ins before... So instead of throwing a specific fly-in on the calandar - let's start it off on where would you guys like to fly this year ??? I think the most attended event I've seen is the trip we had to Nantucket - it was a popular destination - and some folks flew a long way to get here... I think Alan holds that record - - - - NO - correction - ED FLEW ALL THE WAY UP HERE !!! Personally - as a fan of Wings - that was an added atttraction for that location... Maybe we should try one in Martha's Vinyard or Block Island this year ?

    So just to throw out my plans for this year...

    • Block Island RI - KBID - Block Island - nice island hop for the North Eastr's...
    • Rockland ME - KRKD - Knox County Regional - right down the road from one of the most pictueresque towns in New England...
    • Tonawanda PA - N27 - Bradford County - short hop for a nice brakfast of lunch - pretty country - and - a nice looking restaurant within walking distance...
    • Wallkill NY - N45 - Kobelt - hoping the Rotary Club puts on Wheels and Wings again this year... While the weather wasn't so good for flying - the wheels side had a pretty big showing with some great food as well...
    • Mid-Atantic - I'd like to schedule one close to the border of the mid-atlantic region - as those guys have been really active as well... Figure we would have a great turn out and get to see some new/old faces...
    • Glens Falls NY - KGFL - Bennett Memorial - Seems as if this location had a NE fly-in in the past with a pretty good turn out (before my time) from the pix in the library... I've been there - nfood is supposed to be good - didn't eat myself - in another nice area...
    • Montgomery NY - KMGJ - Orange County - While no longer my home base - and - only a short hop - the new grill is supposed to be good... I haven't eaten there myself yet - but - it's a nice centrally located airport...

    It's a start - feel free to throw your choices into the ring with a little justification - and - let's see what we can put together... Glenn had a great idea - if you are going somewhere - even on short notice - and - wouldn't mind some company - even on short notice - just throw it out here on the forum as an informal "pop-up" fly-in... Might give someone else the excuse to get in the plane...

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    I've been taping the episodes of Wings and rewatching them. That was such a great show!

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    Mid-Atlantic would do a home and home series with you. We'll do one in MD or WV that you put on as an official NE event and then you put one on in PA and we'll put it on as a Mid-Atlantic event!

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    Hi Alan,

    Sounds like a plan - I was really looking forward to that Lancaster one we had scheduled last year - but - was cancelled for weather... Let's see if we can iron out some details...

    Then off to Branson MO - LOL - just ask John...

    And what the heck ever happened to Carlos from RI ??? He was pretty active - had a nice Sierra - made a bunch of events - Tom sent an email a while back that he had a new addition to the family - but - he has been MIA for years... Anyone still in contact with him ???


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    I will do a Martha's Vineyard weekend.

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth corcoran's Avatar
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    I see Scott is taking his Airboss job seriously (or responding to my Regional Director threats).

    Any of the destinations Scott suggested would be great and it takes only a few planes to make a fly-in.

    We will all get through our medical and maintenance issues and the price of 100L.

    Glen's Fall, NY was the very first BAC fly-in and we got about a dozen planes from USA and Canada. Kobelt was a great fly-in right is Scott's backyard. Nantucket was very popular.

    Recently I spoke with Carlos Vares the Airboss of Rhode Island and he is doing well. He has spent a lot of time in Italy helping his wife with her PHD studies and has moved his car business to Providence RI.

    Consider an overnight on Cape Cod with fly-outs to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Don't forget my open invitation to visit Prince Edward Island, Canada during the summer.

    Next New England Fly-in is over the Boston Marathon next Monday April 15. Race begins at 10am.

    Send your fly-in choice to Scott Brunner.

    Tom Corcoran

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    Do they speak french on P.E.I? I just took my son (via Air Canada) to Quebec City for a few days so he could practice his french. Totally an educational trip. He had to do all the communicating to buy the lift tickets, talk to the sled dogs in french and order our food. All education, no fun at all! I was disappointed that I didn't get to fly though and would love to make a trip to Canada this summer. I also like the Block Island idea and we could even make the 3 state, 20 mile tour!


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    Morn'n Folks...

    Hi Paul - yep - that would be something I'm up for - been wanting to try some overnight trips and the Vineyard sounds like the place to do it... Any recommended dates to throw out there ? We'd have the added logistics of finding a room to the plan... We would probably need reservations well in advance as I'm sure the place gets busy on the weekends... Might have to dodge our grand illustrious leader as well - as he seems to prefer the place in Summer...

    Hi Tom - LOL - since Glens Falls was the FIRST BAC Fly-IN - this is definately going on the calandar - if we get good results might have to make it an annual pilgrimage...

    Hi Alan - Block Island is a short hop for me... I prefer it to Nantucket - too many of the "Rich and Famous" go to Nantucket for my liking...

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    Alan and Scott are keeping me busy.

    Alan, French is the official language only in Quebec. Everyone in Quebec is bilingual. All other provinces in Canada speak English and ignore the French language on purpose.

    Scott, for an overnight I would suggest staying in Hyannis (Barnstable KHYA) on Cape Cod. There are more hotel rooms and more to do and see. Prices are better. Nantucket is only 30 air miles and Martha's Vineyard is 26. Transportation on the Vineyard is a little difficult. From KHYA everything is walking distance from the airport. You might include Provincetown (tip of Cape Cod) in your plans as the walk from the airport is three miles through the Province Lands National Park. Take a cab back to the plane. The alternate life styles of Ptown gives it a unique flavor. May is a nice month on Cape Cod.

    Tom Corcoran
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    Hi Tom,

    Got your email - thanks...

    Just FYI: I finally flew N63503 back down to the shop this AM - so hopefully by next weekend she's back to her old reliable self... I'll try and get some dates on the calendar...


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