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Thread: BACFest 2013 update

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    Denis, Kathryn, Jim, & Val arrived at Landmark right behind Mike and Linda Monday evening. We had originally planned on one night at Windwood Fly-In Resort, but they called, their car broke down, and we where going to be pretty much stuck at the motel, so we continued on to KORF. Great flight and ready for the fun.

    N9357S - B24R Sierra
    Denis Weiser

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    September 20 Fly out and lunch at First Flight (KFFA)
    What time will you all be heading out on fri morning.........I am trying to get an earlier flight out on friday morning from Atlanta (court case postponed ) and looks like I might be able to get to ORF by 9am or so and opver to Landmark FBO by say 930am. So, thought maybe could catch a ride with someone to KFFA ? fred

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    Fred. As it is now planned we are due at Elizabeth City at 10:00 am. Then lunch at FFA around 1pm. We will try to work out a seat for you one way or another.

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    should I try and call you when I land or just head to the FBO ? fred

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    I am a new member of the BAC and recently sold a Piper Archer. There is a 1982 Sierra listed for sale here in Georgia that I am very interested in purchasing. I saw your airplane in an AOPA review and just wanted to know if your still an owner and if you would recommend the airplane. oi am originally from Norfolk and worked at Piedmont Aviation in the early days of the Sierra. I sure appreciate your opinion.

    Vinton Land
    Canton, GA

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    Hi Vinton! Welcome to the club! We probably know some of the same people from piedmont. I will send you an email with information. You might want to start a thread here on your shopping and questions. But be prepared for a lot of good advice. And yes, I still enjoy the same Sierra after many hours, trips, and years.

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