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Thread: 2013 NASM Become a Pilot Day June 15,2013

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    2013 NASM Become a Pilot Day June 15,2013

    I will be once again display my Sierra at the National Air and Space Become a Pilot Day, at Dulles Airport Udvar Hazy Center of the Smithsonian. This event brings out a lot of guests (15,000 or so) interested in flying of all types. This is a great way to visit lots of aircraft, ancient to modern military. If anyone is interested in spending the day helping and talking to the visitors at my plane drop me a message. Anyone else looking to share aviation with your friends just make a point of stopping in to say Hi.

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    Wish I could be there with you, Paul! I've never flown into a Bravo field, and I bet Dulles would be quite a treat!

    Summer 2016 - CleoBen has taken off or landed in each of these states plus EISG in County Sligo, Ireland

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    Dulles is great fun. Good practice with Airport Diagrams!! They often require 3 different ground controllers alone just to get taxi done, but really friendly and helpful . My favorite day was leading my friend around in a 1911 Curtiss pusher. They were glad to tell that 35 knot airplane "squeak 1200 service terminated"!

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    Reminding anyone in the area. This is a fun day.

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    Hey Paul, I should be around . when you coming in?

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    Thanks for stopping in and helping with this great event that opens up the world of general aviation to so many people.

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