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Thread: Lambert's Throwed Rolls - KSIK - Saturday, June 22, 2013

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    Lambert's Throwed Rolls - KSIK - Saturday, June 22, 2013

    It's time again for the annual lunchtime food feast at Lambert's in Sikeston, MO. Plan to arrive at KSIK by 11:30 AM Central time on Saturday, June 22. We'll call for the van at 11:45 and plan on lunch at noon. Throwed rolls for everyone! Any questions, call Brad Mitchell at 859-707-6039.

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    Throwed rolls are calling.............Saturday, June 22 at Sikeston, MO (KSIK). Plan to arrive by 11:30 AM Central time.
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    Brad I REALLY wanted to go... but I have a family committment
    Dave Gribble
    Marion IA
    Flying the Restored Hangarmouse (Super III N3698Q)
    Building RV-9A N149DG

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    Attendance for Saturday is beginning to take shape. So far the following have expressed an intent to be there:
    Mike & Linda Nielsen
    Mike & Barb Ryan
    Steve Powers
    Brad & Ann Mitchell

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    Good morning all,
    I am planning on attending also and I have invited 2 members to travel with me, also I have invited a couple of other friends who drive a Cessna. This won't problem will it?
    Tim Vangundy
    Camby, Indiana
    Gordon Graham Field, 2R2
    1978 Sundowner

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    The more the merrier, Tim. A friend of mine will be in his Archer. I just told him to park way down the ramp from us!

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    It is great that you invited friends who don't drive Mice. The BAC has is a great group of people and has such a great thing going that they will both enjoy the event and add to it as well. Next thing ya know...they'll decide to be mouse drivers.....LOL! I think more of our members should invite their non-Beech friends to come to our fly-ins.
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    I was sure this would be the response.

    Thanks everyone
    Tim Vangundy
    Camby, Indiana
    Gordon Graham Field, 2R2
    1978 Sundowner

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    I plan on attending.
    John Redmon
    East Central Regional Director
    '78 Sierra N18981
    McCordsville, IN

    States visited with N18981
    & Boots on the Ground!
    (No fly overs or touch-n-goes)

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    Kathryn and I plan on attending.

    N9357S - B24R Sierra
    Denis Weiser

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