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Thread: Mid Atlantic Region Challenge!

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    Mid Atlantic Region Challenge!

    Here is an interesting challenge that might just suit some of you! The organization "Women Can Fly" ( is sponsoring a bunch of flying events to help interest women in flying. I will be flying a bunch tomorrow. Latest word is that next week at Lynchburg, VA there are 300 women of all ages signed up to fly... And only a few planes..
    This sounds like a great opportunity to share our fun!
    Anybody up for a challenge? How many women in a mouse in one day?

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    This sounds a lot like what they do in Searcy with the school. For the past several years, local pilots have given rides to the 5th grade class (probably about 600 kids or so). By the time you consider some wont get their permission forms signed they probably fly 300 to 400, but all the kids get to do the rest of the stuff at what they call 'airport day'

    And yes, you will need SEVERAL planes.

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    This Sat at KPVG there are 20 planes and 140 women. Next week at Lynchburg is 300 women and only 2 planes. Not all school age, this is anyone over 8 years old.

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    That's going to be a long day if no more than 2 planes show up.

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    Heck, I'd do one or both days, but being a junior guy, I'm working both weekends.

    Always have an "out"

    Bob Prange
    Musketeer Custom III
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    Warrenton, VA

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    Sounds like a good time. I believe we missed Warrenton with the Air and Space event. Note Beech Nut shirts and points will be awarded to participants. Nice way to promote aviation !!!!
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    I'll go if my replacement voltage regulator arrives in time. Failed just at the 2 year warranty mark.
    Don Poitras - N2325Q

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    Yesterday's event at Hampton Roads airport was a lot of fun. Hopefully some more will take part next weekend at Lynchburg.

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    I'm sending my youngest off to Paris that morning so I'm afraid I'm out.

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    It's more like one hundred than three, but it's still fun.
    Don Poitras - N2325Q

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