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Thread: Culpeper Fourth of July parade fly over (CJR)

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    Culpeper Fourth of July parade fly over (CJR)

    Culpeper Va (CGR) is having a Fourth of July pre-parade fly over .Lets get together, grill out and join the fun as we do a pass over main street Culpeper before the parade. Should be a fun way to celebrate the Beech Aero Clubs 9 birthday along with our independence. If you don't have a Beech Nut shirt yet they will be provided. . We will be participating in a already organized event. We will just bring the Beech to a fourth of July event.

    Ps Chris please don't correct my Beech spelling .

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    There's no mention of this on the website. You sure this is on the up-and-up or is it just a bunch of pilots wanting to have fun? I'm all for it but I don't want to get us in trouble with the authorities!

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    When we fly Alan ,we need to be on the UP and Up .Its legit .They have a sign up sheet at the main desk. Seeing how we have the same speed a/c .you can be by wingman .

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    Sounds doable to me!

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    Anybody up for this tomorrow? With myself and wizard we need at least a third Musketeer!

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    Would love to, but heading back to work tomorrow. Just got home yesterday. You can tell it's a holiday or a weekend, I'm working.
    Always have an "out"

    Bob Prange
    Musketeer Custom III
    Manufactured Nov 1, 1967
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