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Thread: POP-UP International Fly-In ???

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    POP-UP International Fly-In ???

    Hi Folks,

    Been ages - haven't really been flying since Sandy - however - just got my plane back from what's probably going to be a very expensive annual... New starter - new baffle seals - another new hose - cleaned and painted cylinders to remove corrosion - etc etc etc... Man - I'm so rusty - somehow - with the lack of flying over the winter I've picked up this nasty habit of trying to flare 25 feet above the runway - need to nip that in the bud real quick...

    I received an email from Willy (druide) from Germany... As he previously mentioned last fall - he's over here for a long overdue three week extended vacation starting in Maine... "I am presently near Damariscotta, Maine and will move on to Vermont and New Hampshire. Total time @east coast 3weeks." So - I think it's about time we roll out the red carpet for our international brother baby Beech lover...

    He hasn't seen a single baby Beech yet - I sent him an email asking what airports he will be near next weekend - maybe we could do a "pop-up" fly-in nearby to give him a proper welcome ???

    Anyway - if interested - keep an eye here - I'll try to post some details when I have them...

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    Scott, I had noticed that I had not seen your handle popping up much these days, good to hear from you. Don't get too busy to fly, it's a bad habit to get into...

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    Hi Jay,

    Yeah - I've poked my head in a few times and the whole Northeast region seemed pretty quiet - seems like nothing but bad news around here as as well... Gotta get my head back in the game and make time to get out there... The hot swampy burbly convective weather we've been having lately is even less motivating than sub zero winters for me... I've got to do a good post annual run in - if the weather cooperates - I'll try for some dawn/dusk flying in smooth air to insure everything is well with the plane and to get my skills back where they belong...

    On a side note - first impression - that new Skytech starter is unbelievable - it turn the prop like three times faster than the old factory job while giving me seven pounds back... Amazingly different...


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    The old joke about the Skytech starter is that you can save fuel by using it to taxi. LOL! My Skytech starter was a big improvement over the old and it has changed my start procedure at times.
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    Hi Mike,

    Taxi ? - heck - I was ready to fly home just cranking the starter...


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    Scott, I remember your horrible pictures from sandy. Most things back to normal? Living in florida, I know what it is like. Charley, Francis and Jeanne. Those were the days (without AC that is). I hope your bosses decided to move your computer systems to higher ground.
    "The Rat"

    Scars are tatoos with better stories.

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    Nice to have you back Scott. You in for BAC Fest?

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    Hi Scott good to hear from you again we've all missed you and your post. I'm no CFI heck I'm barely a pilot, but when I have problems landing it is always because I forget to look at the far end of the runway when flaring.

    I love my Skytech too.
    Tim Vangundy
    Camby, Indiana
    Gordon Graham Field, 2R2
    1978 Sundowner

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    Hi James,

    LOL - work is slow going but we're getting there - we've moved to the 10th floor in another building and it's still very much a work in progress...

    Hey John,

    Jackie and I will be there - even if we have to drive - LOL - like who's done THAT before...

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks - yeah - I did two landings in a row flaring high and on the second approach I was telling myself NOT to do it... I was so disgusted with myself - I just had to stop for the day... It was a hot day with a gusty cross wind - I just have to get up there on a calm day and get the feel for it again...


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    Hi Folks,

    OK - here is what Willie sent me:

    "About my schedule: Corinna and I will move onto South Royalton, Vermont on Sat 29 in the morning for one week, then the Sat thereafter to New Hampshire, Bartlett. Nearest airports:

    Vermont, KVSF, Hartness State, Springfield. Contacted Larry Perry, airport manager there (spotthepilot, BAC) and C-23 driver and he got excited about the idea of a meeting.

    Hi Larry - if you're around - Willie already mentioned speaking with you for a visit - would your Hartness State be a good place to meet ? Would there be any means to be able to get someplace for lunch or any nearby airports have dining on the field ? Since Willy is moving on Saturday - would Sunday be a better choice for a fly-in ???

    Any and all suggestions welcome and this summer weather seems to be a real crap shoot...


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