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Thread: BACFest 2013 Hotel Reservations

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    BACFest 2013 Hotel Reservations

    As you know, BACFest 2013 will be held in Virginia Beach, VA September 19-22. The club has contracted for 35 sleeping rooms at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel & Conference Center. Currently 14 of our 35 rooms have been reserved. I am posting this reminder for all potential attendees to make their reservations while our room block and group rate ($101/night + tax) are still available. The hotel is not obligated to extend the group rate once the 35 rooms are gone. Reservations may be cancelled up to 72 hours in advance of arrival without any penalty, so itís worthwhile to book now while there is ample availability.

    You may reach the hotel at 1-800-468-2722. Our group code is Beech Aero Club. You may have to spell "Beech" for them if they canít find the group name. Being Virginia Beach, their first inclination is to key into their computer, "Beach".

    Based on room availability, the group rate will be honored 3 days before and after the event dates. See you in Virginia Beach!

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    Hey, what is the record for most baby Beeches on the Ramp at BACFest? Let's beat that number this year. Who is flying in? Let's start a pre-Fest tally. How about a Saturday picture? Yes, Alan it was your idea. I am planning on flying to this one. Last two I couldn't unfortunately fly to. Anyway you get to VA Beach it is going top be a great time.
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    Myrtle Beach had the most BAC planes on the ramp with 32. Wichita had 22 and Gulf Shores had 19. Those are the top 3.

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    Pretty soon registration should be posted on the site. Then I know we will get another idea of numbers. But judging by the calls and emails I expect a big crowd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOHNNYXRAY View Post
    Who is flying in? Let's start a pre-Fest tally. How about a Saturday picture?
    N6928Q will be there. I got a room for a week!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmitchell View Post
    Myrtle Beach had the most BAC planes on the ramp with 32. Wichita had 22 and Gulf Shores had 19. Those are the top 3.
    Brad, didn't one or two people (maybe Harold Bost) land at an airport other that KCRE? Are they in your count for Myrtle Beach?
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    Knowing Harold, he may have flown into KMYR. May not have wanted his Baron in the company of the baby Beeches. After that riveting talk of his, that may have been a good thing. Made it quicker to get out of town!
    The count has always been planes on the ramp at the HQ FBO.
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    We have received approval for our visit to the USCG base Elizabeth City NC. Just a short flight from KORF and about halfway to First Flight. We will visit for a tour and presentation on overwater safwty, survival, and reacue operations. Also planned is aircraft static display. Unfortunately we won't get in the pool. If we get to see the USCG rescue swommers training you will be impressed. These guys are amazing.

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