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Thread: Sussex Co DE (KGED)

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    Sussex Co DE (KGED)

    OK, We're one week out. Who's in? How many Beech Nut T-Shirts does John need to bring?

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    The new Arena's at the Airport is open!

    Sussex Co Delaware (Lunch & a Museum!)
    Event Type BAC Fly-In
    Event Location KGED (Sussex Co, DE)
    Paid or Fee/Free Free
    For those few who may not be attending the Camel Races in Austrailia, you too have an opportunity to enjoy your Baby Beeches. Meet us at 11:30 for lunch at the restaurant on the field at KGED and then join us for a tour of the Delaware Aviation Museum which is also on the field. This is a Mid-Atlantic Event and thus qualifies for your Beech-Nut T-Shirt and Directors Cup points!

    Count me in! Iím flying or driving, but Iíll get there.

    Mary already kicked me to the curb so just one, she is meeting one of our friends for a "beach" meet up
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    It's detailed in the event calendar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drwhite View Post
    It's detailed in the event calendar.
    Didn't even think to look there. Thanks! Edited my previous post to show the correct time.

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    I've heard Persinger is coming too.

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    Don't believe what you read on the internet. Looking forward to this weekend. I am in. Hopefully we can do some Maryland stamp collecting Alan in route.

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    How about St. Marys (2W6) and Cambridge (CGE) on the way up and Ocean City (OXB), Salisbury (SBY) and Bennet (1N5) on the way home?

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    Add John August to the attendees list!

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    Guess I'll miss this one AND the camel races...I have recurrent training this weekend.
    Always have an "out"

    Bob Prange
    Musketeer Custom III
    Manufactured Nov 1, 1967
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