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Thread: Gatlinburg, TN (KGKT) - Lunch fly-in on Saturday, July 20. 2013

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    Gatlinburg, TN (KGKT) - Lunch fly-in on Saturday, July 20. 2013

    Join us for lunch in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN at The Apple Barn, Plan to arrive by 11:15 and we'll head to the restaurant at 11:30. No reservations are taken, so we need to arrive before the noon crowd. A few of us plan to make it a weekend and will stay at Oak Tree Lodge (site of BACFest 2009), , although many other options are available as shown on the airport info page,
    Call me with any questions.
    Brad Mitchell

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    Sure wished I lived in Tennessee right now ......................

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    Candy, is that because of the apple fritters, apple sauce, apple juice and apple pie at The Apple Barn or because you want to go shopping at the Outlet Mall? Ann will be happy to make a purchase for either place!

    Come one, come all to "apple out" in Gatlinburg on Saturday, July 20th.

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    Mr. Mitchell, you should know me by now. It's ALWAYS about the food! And even though I'm female, I didn't get the "shopping gene." So tell Ann she is welcome to order anything off the menue, especially in the dessert section, and say it's part of my calorie count, not her's. I have faith she will do me proud.

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    Candy, she will do you proud, I'm sure! Confirmed attendees so far are:
    Brad & Ann Mitchell
    Gary & Debbie Boyce
    Tim Vangundy plus Brett & Selinna

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    Any other potential takers for Gatlinburg on Saturday? If so, let me know. Just trying to figure out transportation needs between the airport and the restaurant.

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    Four for a delicious lunch at Apple Barn today. Storms enroute stopped others from making it.
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