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Thread: Wings program Pre-BACFest 2013

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    Wings program Pre-BACFest 2013

    I have set up a wings presentation for Wed Sept 18 just before BACFest starts. This will cover formation flying for GA and should be available on the website soon. It will be at KORF Norfolk VA.
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    Sorry about all my typos above. The Wings presentation will be on Wed. Sept 18, 2013. Our Speaker is an incredibly experienced Bonanza / Baron instructor as well as former Military pilot and chief pilot/Instructor for Eclipse Aviation. Perhaps more astonishing is that he was once Marty Vanover's boss!!
    This event is soon to be approved and available for registration on website Since seating is limited and this is open to other pilots I strongly encourage early registration. This speaker has also expressed an interest in meeting with us to discuss creating a specialty training and recurrency program.

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    Hey, if anyone becomes aware when the sign-up for this conference begins let the rest of us know. Thanks, Tom

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    What time of day is it going to be held?
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    The event will be at Landmark Aviation Norfolk, VA on Wed. Sept 18 at 7pm to 9pm. I had to resubmit my proposal to the FAA as I made a mistake in my first attempt. I will post the ID number for the event when it is approved.
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    That's great! I'm waiting on some pricing info from Tangier Island and then I'll post the Fly-out for Wednesday AM.

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    Alan, last time I flew into Tangier there was a 20 dollar landing fee, mostly on the honor system, however one time that I landed there a lady came out from a trailer near the field and collected the fee.

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    I thought it was ten but that's one of the things I'm working on.

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    This seminar has been approved as "Avoiding MidAir Collisions" it should be posted on soon.

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