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Thread: Jeff Knight is the first Canadian to earn a BEECH BUM t-shirt!

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    Jeff Knight is the first Canadian to earn a BEECH BUM t-shirt!

    Jeff Knight is the first Canadian to earn a BEECH BUM t-shirt!

    Jeff Knight, from Cold Lake Alberta, Canada, joined the fly-in posted for June 20 on Prince Edward Island. For this effort he was rewarded with a BEECH BUM t-shirt. Technically the event was in the International Region but posted by Tom Corcoran, Regional Director of the Northeast. That made it a semi-Northeast event and eligible for the t-shirt.

    Jeff traveled from his home airport to Charlottetown PEI (CYYG) with the Century of Flight. This is an organized group of nearly 100 airplanes of all makes. The group made many overnight stops across Canada enroute to their destination. The Canadian Maritimes, where they spent nearly a week, was this year's goal.

    (posted for Tom Corcoran)

    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
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    For his efforts, International Region Director Mark Weiss has awarded Jeff Knight 1,833 President's Trophy points (miles for one way).
    Cold Lake, Alberta - straight line to - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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    As the relevent RD, my task is to report the mileage as per the rules method. I do not award points. This is the Presidents Trophy.

    I congratulate you on your flight and your level of commitment.

    In Oz
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    Way to go Jeff! So good to see someone that is dedicated.
    Marty Vanover
    Tucson, Az.

    Where "Sandy Beech" has landed.

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    The world's most expensive T-Shirt!

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