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Thread: Smoketown Fly-In August 10th S37

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    Smoketown Fly-In August 10th S37

    There is a flyin at Smoketown (S37) you get a free t-shirt if you are the pilot in command (From smoketown not BAC) im sure if we get enough people interested we can get Tom to provide some BAC T-shirts as well!

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    Hi Eric,

    I have my medical appointment on Thursday - so if weather looks good - I might try to make this one... Have you been to any of the previous events - any issue getting in and out with so many planes showing up ???


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    I havent been to this one it is a small airport that sits next to the class D of lancaster so I imagine they might provide seperation(Im departing from lancaster so I know ill get seperated and advised of traffic).

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    They don't have a big ramp there.It will be interesting to see where they put everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DF14w View Post
    They don't have a big ramp there.It will be interesting to see where they put everything.
    Yeah - that was my concern - I was counting the 2012 arrival pix and they show more than 100 planes (not a single baby Beech among them) - I checked out the satellite images of the airport and it doesn't look like they have a great deal of room - parking could be really cramped...


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    They have a lot of grass alongside the runways, so that might be a possibility.

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    Just spoke to someone who was at it last year and they have grass they put the planes in and people directing them.

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    You guys going if we have good weather ?

    Funny - last time I heard Smoketown mentioned was in an AOPA magazine article about a convicted pilot/drug smuggler serving time... Since he was already incarcerated - he shared his story from a pilots perspective... Smoketown was his East coast distribution point... He lived in California - made his pickup near the Mexico - then flew East... It was definitely an interesting read - he did it for many years - prior to being caught...


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    Too early in week to confirm for Saturday, but if nothing else going on will probably give it a shot.

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