My last understanding with from them was that AEC planned to offer Jo-bolts at a reduced price, along with the donuts. I'll verify that again.

The measurement is taken with the weight on the gear.

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From: dawsonmic23
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 7:41 PM
Subject: [musketeermail] Re: donuts

Sorry to hear about the death of the AEC Engineer but happy to here
that the Donuts may soon be available. I am still a little unclear
about how to determine that new donuts are needed. The measurement
shown in the Maint Manual--is this with the weight of the plane on
the main gear? I feel sure that i will need the new donuts but want
to make sure. What is a sourse for the J-Bolts. I understand that
the actual size needed may not be known until the main gear is
removed but I have not found a sourse for these bolts. I plan on
changing the donuts in Nov at Annual.

Mike Dawson

- In, "Mike Rellihan" <rellihan@r...>
> Some bad news and some better news:
> 1. The engineer I have been working with at AEC for more than two
years, Paul Higgins, died very unexpectedly early this month of
severe cancer, at age 51.
> 2. I am now in contact with the President of AEC (also an
engineer), and it looks like he will be my future collaborator on
BAC parts projects.
> 3. The first production-run donuts are being installed on an
aircraft this coming Wednesday. Assuming no more surprises, they
will go up on the AEC website for sale the following week.
> 4. AEC is still working on the lock issues with the new handles.
I have proposed a solution based on my new lock cylinders, in hopes
of keeping things moving, but I don't yet know whether my new
contact there will be interested. I will keep the groups posted.
> 5. I still need some samples of shimmy dampers in order to make
progress on that front. While I heard a couple of responses to my
previous request, I have not yet received any samples from anyone.
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> Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 11:31 PM
> Subject: [musketeermail] donuts
> Hi there,
> Any news lately on the maingear donuts from the other company
yet. I did a
> search and the last e-mail from the company was some time ago. I
have the mains
> off so I thought I may as well replace them if they look bad.
> Thank,
> Ron Van Hoosen
> 1963 23 m-369
> Goldsby OK
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