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Thread: KSGJ (Northeast Florida Regional) St. Augustine, FL. Lunch at the Fly- by Cafe 8/18

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    KSGJ (Northeast Florida Regional) St. Augustine, FL. Lunch at the Fly- by Cafe 8/18

    KSGJ (Northeast Florida Regional) St. Augustine, FL Lunch at the Fly- by Cafe on August 18th, 2013

    BAC Fly-in to KSGJ. Sunday, August 18, 2013. Join us for lunch at the FLY-BY Cafe, located on KSGJ, (Northeast Florida Regional Airport) in St. Augustine, FL. Hours: 10:30 to 13:30 hours. Later if you want. $25.00 fuel raffle. Restaurant is upstairs above Galaxy's FBO. Parking is Galaxy's ramp. Just request: taxi to the restaurant. Tower: 127.625, Ground: 121.175 ATIS: 119.625
    Contact: Dave Singleton, 904-687-7463,

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    Dave, this time I am in weather permitting. Sorry for not making last one but can't control length of annual.
    "The Rat"

    Scars are tatoos with better stories.

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    Looking forward to seeing you there. Call or e-mail if you need any thing else.

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    One of these days I'll surprise you guys - I love St. Augustine... About 8 hours flight time for me though - would need to combine a fly-in with a real vacation... Hope you get a good turn out...


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    Come on down!!! That is a long way for lunch; however, we are considering having the second version of “Nights of Lights” in St. Augustine this year. Do you have any vacation time left?
    I have to co-ordinate with SAAPA (St. Augustine Pilots Association) if we are going to attend their Christmas party as part of our activities, so a decision will be made in the next month.
    If any members have an interest in attending, please let me know as that will be the major determining factor for our decision.

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    Expecting clear skys for my trip up from Vero Beach.
    Gary Embrey
    Vero Beach FL
    1974 Sundowner N21KM

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    Dave-I am putting the date on the calendar and hoping wx and job permitting to be there , again, to see all you guys. Had a great time for the last party we came down for. fred/steffi and ?????

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    Weather permitting, Tim Hill (N2Sky7) and myself will be coming down noon-ish, but the weather has been plain filthy for weeks here in Savannah. Currently there's a 60% probability of T-Storms...


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    Fred, Steffi, Joe and Tim, Gary and James,
    Looking forward to seeing all of you. Don't worry about the end time, we will stay as long as anyone is here. We will have to discuss what we need to do to improve our 2nd annual KSGJ, St. Augustine "Night of Lights" Fly-in. Jane and I are looking forward to seeing everyone. Scott, think, December in Florida!!!!!!!!!

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    Dave: Charlotte and I can't make it this time, but we'll be thinking about y'all.


    Rap McBurney

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