John - I am certainly not an AP/IA, but here is a thought. I purchased my
'83 Sundowner with +-6100 hours. My AP did a thorough pre purchase
inspection. When I had the concern about the hours his response was, yes it
was a trainer in the first part of her life, which meant that she was on the
100 hr program. The most wear and tear certainly was the gear, tires,
engine, etc. I have the logs from the day she was delivered brand new, and
we were able to review each problem, and note its proper repair, and
replacement of parts and overhauls.
The airlines are currently flying aircraft with 25 - 30,000 hours on them.
So I guess I am saying, if you find a plane you like, and maintenance has
been done timely and properly, the airframe hours should not be too much of
a concern.

Gary Boyce
a.k.a. "Digger"
'83 Sundowner M-2388
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