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Thread: KGEV - Ashe Co., NC - Take 2 - Lunch at Shatley Springs, Sunday, October 6

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    KGEV - Ashe Co., NC - Take 2 - Lunch at Shatley Springs, Sunday, October 6

    New member Donald Tyndall is hosting a BAC fly-in on September 1, 2013 for lunch at Shatley Springs (KGEV), located in western North Carolina. Plan to arrive between 11:00 and 11:15 Eastern time and we'll call the restaurant for pick up. It's about a ten minute ride from the airport. Shatley Springs offers a family buffet ($16.95) or a la carte menu. Bring cash or check as they don't accept credit cards.

    Airport information here:

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    Wish I could make this one! NC is a beautiful state.
    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
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    Hi Folks,

    Yeah - Chris - you ain't kid'n - looks like a beautiful location...


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    Thanks Chris and Scott for posting the pictures, but they don't do the place justice. Beautiful, scenic setting nestled in the valley. The hills aren't as daunting as one might think. Shot a GPS approach into 28 a couple of years ago in some fairly crummy weather, but it was nice and wide-open. Hopefully it will be a sunny, VFR day next Sunday.

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    So everything is set up. Thanks Brad for all your help. I talked with John our Mid Atlantic Director and its official there will be points and Beech Nut shirts for those that join in. Hope to see y'all there.


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    This looks great. Another North Carolina Fly in. It is official for points and every attending member is rewarded with a BEECH NUT shirt. I will try to make this event with the Mid-Atlantic banner in tow. Don, I enjoyed talking to you today and welcome to the club. Brad, thanks for everything you are doing out there (not just this) !!!! This looks like a case for attempting geo-coding email (within 200 miles) to see how that works.

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    KGEV - Ashe Co., NC - Lunch at Shatley Springs, Sunday, September 1

    Morn'n Folks,

    I can't make the fly-in but this place has me interested - I noticed the place you are having lunch has cabins for rent - anyone familiar with these ? We don't need fancy - just clean and neat... I'm assuming there may be some good hiking trails - nice scenery - maybe someplace to rent a canoe in the area ? It's a four plus hour trip for me (probably three in a Sierra - probably two and a half in a Bonanza - LOL) - so a bit long for a day trip but a long weekend might work...

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    I'm not sure about the cabins. As for the recreation I know the South Fork of the New River is awesome. It is a NC blue way there is campgrounds spaced out along the river. There are at least five canoe liveries along the river from south of Jefferson to VA state line. The canoe accesses are spaced out very well if your not there for there the fishing you can do around 14 miles a day without much rowing.The small mouth bass are plentiful, my fishing buddy and I will catch forty to fifty smallies and red eyes a day. No size to them though average size is around ten inches with one or two around sixteen. I have some pics of the river I'll email some to you when I get a chance. Good times. Donald
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    Trying to do some work around the house and baby girl asked me if we could go flying"she knows how to get out of work". Me being almost as lazy as her said OK. So next thing you know we're on our way to the airport of-course. I would never mis some quality time with her, especially flying. I wanted to go somewhere and she didn't care as long as see was doing the flying. Ashe Co. was reporting 1800 broken I pointed her West. The place is beautiful and the people are very nice and welcoming. This was my first taste of flying in the hills. I put the sundowner to its paces we climbed to 10,500 when we got to altitude we were climbing at 250ft pm. Done a little hanger flying while we was there and headed home. I posted the pictures in my gallery. Problem is when we got back home the firewood still needed splitting and she was gone. Its going to be a cold winter. Donald

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    Scott, I saw the cabins a few years ago. Rustic at very best. Reminded me more of a hunting or fishing cabin than a place for a weekend getaway. But that's not to say they haven't been improved. We'll take a closer look next Sunday.

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