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Thread: BACFest 2013 daily activities

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    BACFest 2013 daily activities

    Today is Thursday Sept 19, 2013. ( in case you stayed up really late)
    Today, meet at Landmark Aviation between 10:00 and 10:30 am. We need to spread out arrival a little. We will be escorted to the Corporate hangar for our maintenance day. Please bring your digital camera!!!!
    Lunch will be included courtesy of Landmark Aviation.
    We will finish by 3 pm
    Make sure you sign up with tail number for Friday trip and clearance. Indicate if you can fly a guest.
    If you want a seat in someone's plane sign up for that.
    If you will drive on Friday to USCG base and /or kitty hawk please sign in for that and if you have room.
    Tonight.... 5:30 at the Dockside Inn on Vista Dr. (Ask for directions) for the Dolphin tour boat. We will supply drinks and light sandwiches. We plan on returning around 7pm. I suggest we make some dinner plans as a group or small groups. Ask Paul for ideas.
    Planning ahead... Friday departure plans will be briefed today, but plan on leaving KORF 9:00 to 9:30 am.

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    Friday morning....
    We all depart Nofolk, staggered times 8:45-9:15 and fly to KECG for Coast Guard Base tour. After ATIS request VFR at 2500 or above direct KECG. Usually Norfolk departure will follow all the way to KECG tower handoff. ECG is class D so no approach freq.
    Then off on another short flight to KFFA for lunch, delivered to us, and view the Wright Bros museum.
    When returning to KORF remember Approach on 118.90 by 20 miles out.
    Tonight Is 6pm welcome party at the Resort and Conference center.
    Beautiful morning for flying today!

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    Well, it looks like we all survived our busy day. ATC worked out our departure from KORF and did a great job sequencing us into KECG. The USCG put on a great presentation on overwater flights, ditching, survival and rescue. Great to tour the C130 and the MC60 chopper. Then we all worked out our arrival and parking at First flight. Dare Devil Pizza provided perfectly timed pizza. Then we all toured to mecca where it all began in Kitty Hawk. We pretty much surprised one Sierra driver from Wash DC that landed at first flight without ever hearing of BAC. Somewhat surprised to see 23 baby beeches on tje ramp!
    the evening meet and greet in the Hotel was great to see everyone together.
    Saturday means meetings, lunch, and our dinner banquet.

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    Just to echo you, what a great time! This is one memorable BAC Fests. I may have actually walked in Wilbur's and Orville's footsteps. Thanks for all you've done.
    Marty Vanover
    Tucson, Az.

    Where "Sandy Beech" has landed.

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    Flight Levels Flight Levels rashby's Avatar
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    Grand Rapids, MI Sparta (8D4)
    What time are we starting on Saturday. Thanks Paul for planning a great day today!
    Roland Ashby
    Beech Sport, Aeronca Chief (sold) and Zenith CH650 (currently being built)

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    Saturday lunch at noon is our first event of the day

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    Sounds like a wonderful BACfest, Paul. Congratulations!
    Gene McPherson


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    Sounds like a great BAC Fest. Susan and I tried to leave yesterday and got stuck in the only IFR area in all of the entire East Coast. Seriously! We just shook our heads as we watched the weather stay LIFR until we called it a day at 9pm. We decided this morning that we couldn't make it due to the front moving through. and YES!!!! I will be starting my IFR training as soon as I can. Hello to everyone and sorry we couldn't make it. Everyone stay safe and have a great trip home.
    Doug & Susan
    Mobile: +1-706-317-3227 (GMT-5)

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    Best BACfest ever! Dan Jonas & I arrived on a commercial flight Wednesday evening, we were picked up by Paul, Marty, Steve K and FAA Wings presenter Kent Ewing. They took us immediately to a wonderful restaurant for some elegant dining, Pinot noir, oysters Rockefeller, filet minon, while being serenaded by by an accomplished classical guitarist. This is what Daddy likes!

    Then off to an excellent wings presentation.

    The next morning was a maintenance clinic by Paul & Marty, that taught this old A&P / IA a couple new tricks. And the plan is to add some of these MX videos to this website, per Dan. We were served lunch in the hangar and toured the ramp, where Marty and I beat up Dean S., his aircraft and other poor unfortunate souls.

    Thursday evening, the drunken pirate, dolphin boat tour was a hit. Cruising around the bay enter acting with those onboard and overboard. And of course we partied afterwards.

    Friday I flew to the USCG base with John P. in his beautiful Sundowner. The Coasties treated us like honored guest! We all stood a little straighter, looked sharper and stepped out a little smarter, while being honored by these that honor us with their service to our safety, security and lives.

    As if one flight with John was not enough, the controlled chaos, partially controlled flight and incapacitated pilot landing demonstrations continued, as we filled the sky with Baby Beeches again, for the short but exciting flight to Kitty Hawk! The airport is not much larger than when Orvil and Wilber were there. We stacked it full and put on a show. Cloyd and Mary showed up as scheduled, or rescheduled. Even I was glad to see Cloyd. We had lunch under the cool shade of the trees and toured the holy grounds.

    John took off without me? I wonder why? Oh well, I got a ride with Paul and Dan in Paul's smooth Sierra BAC up the coast to Norfolk. Paul was superb at the controls. And provided experienced tour guide info to Dan and I on our journey up the coast. I never doubted that we would reach our destination and live to see dinner, with Paul at the controls.

    My two short hops with John, not so much! Love ya, Brother!

    We gathered again in the evening and partied through the night.

    Paul, this has been awesome!
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