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Thread: Oct/Nov Mid-Atlantic fly-in requests (museum/lunch/golf/?)

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    I want to do MD1 sometime and tour the Massey Aerodrome and collect another MD stamp!

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    of course you do Alan !!!!

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    Seeing how November is quiet so far in the Mid Atlantic. How does Bryce Resort sound , 1130 Shot gun Start , 9 holes with cart, restaurant meal , prizes and joint fly in with another Aircraft type group (won't say yet) but I will give you a hint with the title. "CAT AND MOUSE FLY IN ". Toy donations accepted for Toys For Tots , possibly a Animal Rescue shelter. If someone wants to fly in for the weekend can possibly rent a chalet. Cost of event with donation $55 dollars. Looking at Nov 9 or 16. Any suggestions?

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    Nov 9 is out for me.

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    How about November 16 ?

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    Nov 16 sounds good! I'm off either weekend, 9th or 16th.
    Always have an "out"

    Bob Prange
    Musketeer Custom III
    Manufactured Nov 1, 1967
    Warrenton, VA

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    We cant do this with out Alan . November 16 th sounds like a winner. Who else is in?

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    Now how do I get ahead of you and Alan in points if you both keep going?!
    Always have an "out"

    Bob Prange
    Musketeer Custom III
    Manufactured Nov 1, 1967
    Warrenton, VA

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    You think I will stand out if I wore my sleeveless flannel shirtand cut off blue jeans or will I have to buy new threads? Shotgun start? Do yourecommend Mossberg or Winchester, pump or simi., 12 or 20 gage for my driver. Imay have to get a new putter. The .357 was a little much last time.

    I think I was told these kinda things were to stay in NC. Ifyou don’t like my golfing technique look up “Bubbalympics”.


    For real though my game is terrible. But if you guys can take it I’ll see what I can do about getting there. 2200’ runway is awful tight. I’ll have to get to practicing my sort field.

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    I would like to meet somewhere with everyone soon. But not interested in a Golf day. For another event is anyone interested in Visiting the Cold War Museum that Gary Powers discussex in Northern Virginia followed by an evening in DC? Can do anytime in the future if we want to plan it.

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