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Thread: RARE Aircraft Fly-In & Brat Roast - Faribault, MN 10/27/2013

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    RARE Aircraft Fly-In & Brat Roast - Faribault, MN 10/27/2013

    Join us for a fabulous fly-in at Fairbault, MN (KFBL) on Sunday, October 27th. We will have a tour of RARE Aircraft where they rebuild vintage, contemporary, and Cub Crafters. One of their specialties is rebuilding Wacos. This will be a tour of their 25,000 square foot facility given by one of the owners of RARE Aircraft They have wood & welding departments, a Taperwing shop, fabrication and repair as well as full sheet metal and machine shop capabilities. We will see where they do their grand champion fabric and paint work. We will likely see planes in various stages of repair and/or fabrication. RARE Aircraft has been operated by the Redmon family since it was founded in 1991. You won't want to miss this one!!! Here is a link to their web site:

    Everyone should try to arrive at Faribault by 10:30 a.m. The tour will start at 11:00 a.m. A brat roast will follow the tour at the hangar. Bring yourself, your friends and family. This will be exciting for all.

    This is being hosted by BAC member Chris Mayer of Owatonna, MN. Any questions about this fly-in may be directed to either Chris or myself. Many thanks to Chris for this wonderful opportunity!!!
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    Mike Nielsen
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    Kathryn and I are planning on attending.

    N9357S - B24R Sierra
    Denis Weiser

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    Hi Folks,

    Sounds like a GREAT event - just my 2 cents - I know - I know - not again - right ??? LOL - just a suggestion - why not check your member list and personally invite one or two low activity members - via email - to see if you can drag them in to our tangled BAC web ??? It only takes a few minutes to look them up... Best of luck with this event !!!

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    I plan on attending.
    John Redmon
    East Central Regional Director
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    I am making another post on this fly-in to accomplish two things. 1. To bump it to the top again. 2. To let people know that since the current forcast for next weekend is for highs around 44, Chris and I are considering lunch at a restaurant after the tour of RARE Aircraft rather than a brat roast. This might be different if we could have a "fire" at the airport, but since that is not the case, it would be grilled brats and no one wants to stand out in the cold to cook them. For now you can plan on lunch at a restaurant. We will figure out the transportation.
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    It looks like the weather will be clear across the entire upper Missisippi valley on Sunday. Great day to fly and take in the fall colors.

    N9357S - B24R Sierra
    Denis Weiser

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    Wish I could make it this weekend, but it is 4 hours if I want to cross Lake Michigan and 5 1/2 if I go down through Chicago. Just too far for a one-day fly-in. Hope you all have a great day for flying.

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    I want to make one last reminder about this fly-in for those of you who may not be sure you are coming. We don't take reservations, so if you haven't announced your intentions to come and decide Sunday morning that you would like to attend, then by all means please come. Just show up. As Denis has said, the weather this weekend looks great with a high of 50 on Sunday. Not bad wather for Minnesota. Hope to see all of you there!
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    Very slight possibility I'll be there. I have to take my daughter to KAMW.... so maybe a "little" diversion in the AM might be possible. We'll see.
    Dave Gribble
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    Departed MQJ at 6:56am EDT. Est. time of arrival 9:30 CDT. Presently 230nm out 1:56 ete.
    John Redmon
    East Central Regional Director
    '78 Sierra N18981
    McCordsville, IN

    States visited with N18981
    & Boots on the Ground!
    (No fly overs or touch-n-goes)

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