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Thread: Cat and Mouse fly-in

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    Cat and Mouse fly-in

    A joint Fly in is in the works with our friends from the American Yankee Association. Seeing how they have the Cat Line (tiger,cheetah etc) and we have the Mouse. What better way than to get together and play some golf, have lunch, talk airplanes and general aviation. Looks like Saturday November 16 @ Bryce Resort . Lets out number the Cats. If there is more of them it could be a CATastrophe . I am looking at $55 a person for Shot Gun Start (9 holes), Cart, Meal at the restaurant , event T-shirt(separate of the BEECH NUT )if you already have that , Prizes and a charitable donation made to something with the proceeds. (Toys for Tots, Animal rescue Group)Don't chase your tail on this one.

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    Cat's out of the bag now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_w_bruce View Post
    Cat's out of the bag now...
    Good one, Jay!

    Sounds like a fun fly-in. Wish I could make it. Lots of photos please!
    All for one!
    Chris Linderman
    BAC Founding Member & former President
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    KSUN (Hailey, ID)

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    The "CURIOSITY" is killing me, what is the airport Identifier?
    Tim Vangundy
    Camby, Indiana
    Gordon Graham Field, 2R2
    1978 Sundowner

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    Alright where are the semipro golfers in the club. I'm not even amateur more like immature.

    Keep Swinging

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    Used to be a zero or plus one or less, but someone would have to pay me to fly up.
    "The Rat"

    Scars are tatoos with better stories.

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    I going in incognito as a CAT driver. That will help our side.

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    The identifier is VG18

    Quote Originally Posted by tgundy View Post
    The "CURIOSITY" is killing me, what is the airport Identifier?

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    Make sure you dodge the mountain on approach to 23. Here's a clip of a John Persinger-esque landing!

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