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Thread: BAC Fly-in to Sun n Fun "When Pigs Fly South"

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    BAC Fly-in to Sun n Fun "When Pigs Fly South"

    Date: November 16, 2013
    Time: 10:00 to 17:00
    Where: KLAL (Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport, FL)

    SUN n FUN'S Second "When Pigs Fly South" Fly in

    Airplanes, Motorcycles, Cars, BBQ Cook-off Contest, Music & Kids' activities.


    We will meet in front of the FAA building (it has to be good for something) at 12:00 noon and have lunch together.
    At the end of lunch, I will raffle off a One years BAC membership for every 5 members present. You have to be present
    to win. Contact me on arrival or if you have any questions or comments: 904-687-7463

    It may be 11:00 until I arrive.
    S.E. Region Director

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    I was thinking about going to this, Dave. Now I have some incentive. Thanks!
    Gary Embrey
    Vero Beach FL
    1974 Sundowner N21KM

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    Does BAC have a special get together at Fun n' Sun in April? I am planning in make the trip from Michigan this year.

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    Yes. We will have a central location and time each day for members to "meet and greet" on the grounds of Sun n Fun. We usually have a club dinner one evening for BAC Members (most likely on Thursday, due to the crowd on Friday and Saturday). There will be more posted on a later date as to what, times and locations. We look forward to your visiting the South East.

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    Any more mice planning to be pigs on the 16th?

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    It is less than 2 weeks away, lets all meet at KLAL.


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    Now I get it. I didn't realize all the events they do. Cool.

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    I had not heard of this event until now, but I will certainly try and make it. I just re-read your original post, lunch only at noon may absolutely be doable as I would only have a couple of hours available on a Saturday.
    "The Rat"

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    Man - with a cool name like that - we need to print up a banner just for this event !!! We need to hit those - email/snail mail - lists to get the word out to the 60% of the members that don't visit the forums... I hope this is a great success...


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