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Thread: Mid Atlantic 2014 fly-in event schedule (input appreciated)

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    Mid Atlantic 2014 fly-in event schedule (input appreciated)

    Okay Mid Atlantic BAC'ers (and everyone else that wants to join us),

    Here is the rough schedule of what I have on the plate for next year ,I need air boss assistance for WVA, MD, DE, NC and South Carolina. I tried to fit everything applicable in . EVERYONE is able to schedule a Fly In . I would like nothing more than to help get one on the books. Any ideas or suggestions ? We had a lot of activity last year and I don't want to lose the momentum . I would like some more DE, MD ,NC, WVA and SC ideas and help. We should have a new fly in item for next year also for those that already have shirts . (We still have Beech Nut and Beech Babe shirts available if you haven't received one yet)

    some of the ideas are Young Eagles flights, Pilots for Paws, joint Cat and Mouse, Glider events, overnight events (sporting, concerts , theater, camp out) . Cold war museum tour (near Warrenton Va) Massey airdrome Museum. Also fly in to check on and promote a member that is rebuilding or working on their plane, get some members airborne that haven't flown in awhile so they feel comfortable again or just to get them out flying again.

    Jan Luray Caverns , Va (lunch and awards ceremony ) (forecast for 2014 events) TBA



    April Sun n Fun April 1-6 (FLA)

    May Virginia Regional festival of flight May 28- June 1 st

    June Air and Space Museum become a pilot day. TBA

    July 3- BAC Swing 2014 Bryce Resort Golf tournament 1-6pm

    Fly-In movie " Caddy Shack" with special guest John Barmon (Spaulding Smails) and Will Espy (Woody the stick boy from the movie Slap Shot)

    July 4 Culpeper Fourth of July parade fly over and BBQ @ CJR

    shuttle to DC to see fireworks @ the DC mall

    BAC Birthday party @ Jimmy's Old Town tavern in Herndon Va with drinks, dancing and custom BAC drink ice Luge.

    July 5 Smithsonian Air and Space museum tour , Dulles ,Va

    Luray Caverns tour

    Fly in to Bryce resort for Bryce Fest

    July 6 Warrenton Airport (HWY)

    shuttle to Flying Circus Airdrome to see barnstorming, take Bi-plane rides and Picnic

    July 10-12 BAC TEN YEAR Anniversary Party in Wichita (Beechcraft factory tour) (Kansas)

    July 28- August 3 EAA Air venture (WI)

    August TBA

    September 17 -21 BAC FEST 2014 (Oregon)

    October 4 Frederick, MD AOPA Homecoming Fly-In (FDK)

    November TBA

    December TBA
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    Thanks Paul, I assume you are doing Sun n fun, and the Dulles be a pilot event this year. Would you like to talk to Mr. Powers about the Cold War museum tour and would you want another Beech to join you at Dulles ?If so we can spread the word.
    Thanks to Don (SC) and Gary (DE) we have a few more possible add ons in SC and NJ (Sorry Tom we are busting your airspace)We will submit all proper BAC documentation before it is scheduled

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