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Thread: Spring Bahamas Fly in 2014?

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    Spring Bahamas Fly in 2014?

    It has been a few years since we did a Bahamas group trip. I recently discovered a great place on Andros. A close flight from Florida and reasonably priced. seascape Inn at Mangrove Cay. Nice quiet beaches, local Conch stands, Bonefishing, easy to catch Lobster, reefs and Blue Holes to Snorkel.
    I like to extend my Sun-n-Fun trip by doing a few Bahama days before or after Sun-n-Fun. Anybody interested? We can meet and go over paperwork etc if anyone wants first timer advice. Not a big deal in and out of the USA but some planning is needed.

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    I would love to go, however I am a school teacher and can't go at that time. I will be in Florida the entire month of July then heading straight to oshkosh. If by chance you are making a trip while I am in florida let me know. I would love to learn how to fill out the paperwork correctly and fly over. Sounds like a great trip to andros.
    BTW you said something about lobsters, do you dive? Do you know the dates for the season in the Bahamas?
    Erick Cyders
    Beech Sundowner Aerobat

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    I would be happy to help anyone with Bahamas flying questions. But July is usually a "head north" time for me.

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    Erick: Like you, I fly South to the islands in the summer. We generally fly that time of year due to my wife's teaching schedule but we are careful not to go too late due to the nasty blows. Last summer we had to go commercially as the weather was horrid every step of the way along the route. I won't be going this summeras I switched jobs and have only a week, but next summer we will be on our way. Maine this year. You will love the islands and Paul is a great resource for ideas. Give him a call as it is not hard to make the scene. He will steer you in the right direction.

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    There is a AOPA seminar on the 15th dealing with traveling outside the US to the various islands. It may prove helpful. Tom

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    Let me know if I can help with any planning questions or destination suggestions.

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    I have been to most islands (with airports) in the Bahamas but so far have skipped Andros. On my bucket list. Would be great to have pointers on this island. I'll stay tuned to this thread and will plan to meet up on Andros (weather permitting). (I fly out of KHWO - North Perry - in Hollywood FL).

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    I have a few left on my list too. Mainly down south. Rum Cay. San Salvadore. Crookoe Island. Let's get get this thread going again when the time comes.

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    Here we are again. I am looking to burn some gas and do some Bahamas hopping around March 22,2014. Anyone bored that week?

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    I may be interested. My birthday is the next day, school vacation is that week for my daughter, and my co-pilot will have recovered from surgery by then and cleared to fly.
    "The Rat"

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