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Thread: Luray Caverns Fly-In (KLUA) January 25

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    Luray Caverns Fly-In (KLUA) January 25

    Fly in to Luray to start the new year with your fellow BACer's .At 1130 am catch a shuttle van ride over to The West Main Street Market in Luray, Va. It's time to plan, set up and hear the latest on what's happening in the Mid Atlantic.

    GO/NO GO INFO AND CONTACT @ 855-WE FLY BEECH (933-5923)*711
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    That is a fun fly-in. The caverns use to own the airport or FBO (still might). Parked on the ramp and was met by a van and dropped off at the caverns. Great service and beautiful destination. I miss those hills!

    Wish I could join the fun, but can't get the mouse out of the hanger without hitting the wings on snow banks.

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    You need to get back out to Virginia this year . We have a lot on the hopper. Be careful with that weather up there.

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    Count me in!

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    Always a fun trip over the mountains! I will try to make it.

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    I'll try to make it also. Luray is fun to fly into. 4500 msl over the hill and 980 I think on the field. The power dive down the slope is fun but the circling approach is safer!
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    I have talked to my CFII about coming down. As long as the weather holds out, I/we am planning on making it down. Hope this goes as planned any advise for flying in. I have never been to this particular airport. Does it have an instrument approach, I will be training while flying to and fro.
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    KLUA has an NDB-A VOR/DME-B and a couple RNAV(GPS) approaches. Luray is a quaint little town.

    John, I'll plan to go; I should be home from work.

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    Watch the VFR traffic patterns too. For some reason I have never understood they expect your downwind on the side near the mountain, not over the flat valley.

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    Hey Paul, there is a tower on the other side in the proximity .That is why they have the pattern on the western side I believe. looks like a nice turn out so far.

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