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Thread: Feb 22 Pot Luck Fly-in and FAAST seminar at KVSF in Springfield, VT

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    Feb 22 Pot Luck Fly-in and FAAST seminar at KVSF in Springfield, VT

    Vermont WINGS Fly-in Hartness State KVSF

    Event Type
    BAC Fly-In
    Event Location
    KVSF Hartness State No. Springfield Vermont
    Paid or Fee/Free

    Dear Fellow BACers,

    Earn a BEECH BUM Tshirt!

    Hartness State Airport (KVSF) in North Springfield, VT will host its first fly-in of 2014 on Saturday, February 22nd. Along with our ever-popular "Pot Luck Lunch" format, the FAA's Portland FSDO has agreed to host a FAAST seminar that qualifies for WINGS credit.

    Below is a list of possible seminar topics. If you would be so kind, please let us know which three topics might be of most interest to you. If a topic of interest to you isn't listed, please let us know what that is, as well.

    What program might we offer that would motivate you to join us in February?

    We hope to see you!

    Larry Perry, Airport Manager and BAC Airboss of Vermont
    Hartness State Airport
    North Springfield, VT

    Loss of Control
    Runway Safety
    Airport Signage and Markings
    Aircraft Performance
    Weather Theory and Systems and Sources
    Owner/Operator Maintenance
    Aircraft Systems
    Land and Water Survival
    Personal Minimums
    Spatial Disorientation
    Electronic Flight Planning
    Takeoffs, Approaches, and Landings
    Glider Safety
    Ops in Flat Light/Whiteout Conditions
    Mountain Flying
    Aeronautical Charts
    Aging Pilots and Aircraft
    Aircraft Accident Review
    Single Pilot IFR
    Human Factors
    Larry Perry
    '83 Sundowner N65503 @ KVSF

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    This is a great airport I. A beautiful setting. Wish I could make it but I have another trip planned.

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth corcoran's Avatar
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    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,
    At the last BAC fly-in at Springfield, Vermont I was able to arrange a glider ride to the top of Mt. Ascutney.

    What a "bang" when you release from the tow plane.

    If you've never done it you'll be intrigued at the sound of the wind being so loud and the amazement of staying at altitude with no engine.
    The return landing is a thrill as the airport is miles away and your perception is as if you were in your Sundowner - "we'll never make it from this far".

    I'm sure Larry Perry can help you with arrangements in advance. Best $60 you could "donate" that day.

    Tom Corcoran

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    Hi Tom,

    The passenger sits in back ? I took a "ride" - actually - the guy let me fly an "Ask 21" and the passengers all sat up front... What a w00t !


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    O.K. you sail plane enthusiasts, here is a golden opportunity. Years ago we were going through Durango, Co and paid for our son to have their premium sail plane ride. He flew for 1 1/2 hours up over the Rocky Mountains. When they came down they did aerobatics over the field. This is a sail plane airport....and it along with sail planes, tow planes and hangars are for sale. The owner is retiring and everything is for sail. The web site is: Don't everyone call them at the same time. I remember it as a sod runway in a very lovely spot in heaven on Earth.
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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