I just received a pair of new wingtips for my C23 from Metco-Aire.
After installation, they will need to be painted. The plan is to fit
them in place, do all the drilling etc, get them completely mounted.
Then take
them off, take them home and paint them in the garage.

For touchup on the ramp, I use rattle-can paint in my airbrush. But
for a large assembly like a wingtip, I'd rather use "real" paint.

I used to restore old cars, and have all the guns, compressors, etc to
do the job. But it's been many many years since I stepped into a paint
store, and I know things have changed, espcially here in California.

I figure I'll blow a couple hundred bux on some two-part epoxy primer,
plus some two-part color coat.

Anybody have hints on the right products or system to buy? I'm sure
the stuff I used way back when ( PPG DP-40 primer, Dupont Centari or
Imron color coat ) is either no more, or totally reformulated.

- Jerry Kaidor ( jerry@tr2.com )

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