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Thread: Article: SUN n FUN Dinner & Meet and Greet

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    Article: SUN n FUN Dinner & Meet and Greet

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    Thanks for setting this up, Dave. Work committments prevent making Dinner, but I'm figuring on driving over either Friday or Saturday. See you there!

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    Look forward to seeing you there? Gary


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    Andy Thomas and I will be at dinner for sure. See you there.


    Rap McBurney

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    Dave--trying to work out to be in area for the dinner thursday night--looks like possible..will keep you informed.

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    Dave: See you at AOPA 1145 Thursday. Looking for a lycoming cylinder deal, so keep notes.

    Rap and Andy

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    Glad you are trying to make it too the dinner Fred.

    Rap, i will look around tomorrow for cylinders. I did not see too many deals on anything today.

    So far we are at 11 for the dinner.

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    I'm headed your way.


    Rap McBurney

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    I was late getting to the AOPA tent, I arrived at approx. 12:20 pm and did not see anyone from the club. I waited till around 12:40pm and then checked the old oak tree and type tent, but still did not see anyone I recognized as an BAC member. Please list me as attending. I flew my Sierra down from KVPZ (Valparaiso, IN) and based at KBOW (Bartow, FL). I departed on Bartow on Friday morning due to pending wx. If you need to verify that I was at Bartow, I registered with the FBO there. Thanks

    Jack Clute
    Sierra N6016Y

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    I am sorry this is the second year in a row that you missed us. I listed all the information including my toll free number with extension on this post. We were where we said we would be at the time we said we would be there, just as last year.

    Also, as previously conveyed to you last year, we have not had any meetings scheduled at the tree or had the staffing for the type tent for a few years now.

    I suggest you contact the person that is hosting by email or phone before leaving to confirm the schedule and location next year. This would save you considerable time.

    There were 13 attendees at the dinner on Thursday night at the Outback.

    I will report your presence at Sun n Fun so you will receive you PT points.

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