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Thread: Article: Fly In Movie and Golf-Bryce Resort July 3rd VG-18 Registration complete

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    Article: FLY IN MOVIE !!!!!!!! VG18 BRYCE RESORT July 3, 2014 (CADDYSHACK)

    John Persinger
    Beech Aero Club President

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    We are officially done with registration . Here is the registration link

    special thanks to the hole sponsors and contributors

    Ashburn Pub (Young Eagles)
    Advanced Imaging Systems (liberty foundation "Memphis Belle")
    Dr. Alan White
    Hammerhead Aeronautical
    American Helicopters (helicopter for the ball drop)
    Pucks with Pro's (St. Louis Blues Alumni)
    Jimmy's Old town tavern (the Beech Aero Club Ice Luge)
    account on it (cocker spaniel Rescue)
    O'sullivans (repatriation for Irish nationals that perish overseas)
    Top Golf (prizes and par three beat the Hack)(Virginia airborne search and rescue)
    White hawk Aviation (Young Eagles)
    Public Service Hockey (Flying Circus event)
    Peake Management (Young Eagles)
    Sport Clips (Hair cuts for all the participants plus a extra 150)
    The Band "Disturbed " (autographed photo for auction)
    Liberty Foundation (30 minute mission onboard the Memphis Belle used in the filming of the movie)
    Holiday Inn Express Herndon Va ( $65 rate to include breakfast)
    The friends of Bryce airport (mowing the grounds for the camp out , airport advisories for arrival; and departure)
    John Barmon (traveling in from Boston to spend the weekend with us) the actor who played Spaulding in Caddyshack
    Virginia Dept of Aviation (promoting and supplying a packet to all participants)
    Bryce Resort (for making the idea come to life)
    Culpeper Airport ( supplying the food ,discounting fuel by 20 cents a gallon and giving Fuel credits to pilots)
    Aviation Adventures (supplying the inflatable movie screen)

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    Big weekend ahead. Can't wait to hear about it, and wish I could be there.

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    I wish you were here too Jay.

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