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Thread: Fly-in/ need help

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    Fly-in/ need help

    I was advised to throw this out there. Paul (my uncle) and I will be in Albany, GA on Friday morning to start the process of bring the parts Sundowner's back to Ohio. Now the fly-in part, if anyone needs a reason to burn some AMU's your help would be greatly appreciated. Might even let you load a part or two in your plane for helping.

    Here is the plan.... We are flying into Atlanta via Delta on Thursday night. We are picking up the Penske Truck and driving to Albany (should arrive in Albany around 11 pm or so). Friday morning we will start working at first day light. The plan is to be loaded by dark and start toward Ohio then.

    For all of you who have contacted me for parts, I have a list and will contact you next week to start getting you the parts that are needed. If you need something send me an email ( call me at 330 206 0714[IMG]resource://skype_ff_extension-at-jetpack/skype_ff_extension/data/call_skype_logo.png[/IMG]330 206 0714.

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    Erick Cyders
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    Erick just saw your latest post disregard mine thanks mike.

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