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Thread: Mid Atlantic Region coming events.

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    Mid Atlantic Region coming events.

    There are a few events coming up of interest to you Mid Atlantic folks. I know we need to get these on the calendar soon, but here are some events to save time for in your flying schedule.
    May 31 and June 1,2014 will be the Virginia Festival of Flight at Suffolk, VA KSFQ. This event offers camping by your plane, air shows, static displays, food, story telling, and learning seminars including some wings credit opportunities. Come see Alan's paint job!
    And on June 14 at Dulles Airport Udvar Hazey Center of the Smithsonian Air and Space museum will be the Become a pilot day. I expect to have one Sierra on display at the event which attracts 10,000 to 20,000 visitors historically. In the past a few of us have met and taken part in meeting many interested pilots and non pilots to talk about our flying. While you can't bring your plane to the museum you can have some fun flying into Dulles (KIAD) anyway on a day where us little guys can out number the big boys when we taxi out to leave!
    These are both events that have attracted a number of BACers in the past and I hope we can generate a strong showing.

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    I won't be able to make the Virginia Regional Festival of Flight this year. I would like to schedule at least one fly-in to be held in every state represented in the M-A Region. Those states are DE, MD, WV, VA, NC & SC. If anyone has any ideas or airports they would like to visit, let me know. I'm looking for ideas!

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    This weekend the Young Eagles are looking for pilots @ CJR Culpeper Va.Anyone interested ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JOHNNYXRAY View Post
    This weekend the Young Eagles are looking for pilots @ CGR Culpeper Va.Anyone interested ?
    Too far for me. (and it's KCJR)
    Don Poitras - N2325Q

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    Don't forget that to actually take young eagle flights you must be a current EAA member.

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    the prange musketeer.jpg Thanks to everyone that made the Young Eagles event today. To think so many people (kids, parents and grandparents) were able to get their first ever flight in a Baby Beech was amazing.8 planes on the ramp and 4 of them BAC planes with 2 other ones on standby is really awesome. Personally seeing these people light up and hearing all you guys on the radio was something else. All of you out there that donate to Angel flight,Pilots n Paws, Pilots for Christ ,Eaa, Commemorative Air Force, Civil Air patrol ,or just come to a fellow pilots need Thank You.

    Ps .My favorite comment of the day from one of the long time Young Eagle Pilots .Mr.John Zinkus (aka the Gatekeeper) As he is teaching the kids about the airplane before their first flight we (actually David Prange overhears) "If you don't learn anything about the plane you are not getting in". All his kids made it in the plane and had a big smile when they got out. It was nice seeing George Phillips who was happy to receive a Beech Babe shirt. I think Fly in season has finally begun in the Mid Atlantic. Hope to see the rest of the membership soon.
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    Looks like a fun time!

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    Just a reminder that this weekend is the Virginia Festival of Flight at Suffolk, Virginia KSFQ. I know that a few are heading down to visit. The weekend weather looks great, so a good time to visit tidewater VA.

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    One more time! Dulles Airport Smithsonian National Air and Space event is this Saturday June 14. Really a fun day.

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    One more time! Dulles Airport Smithsonian National Air and Space event is this Saturday June 14. Really a fun day.

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