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Thread: Article: Registration Open - BAC "10th Anniversary Celebration & Beech Plant Tour" Fly-In

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    Article: Registration Open - BAC "10th Anniversary Celebration & Beech Plant Tour" Fl

    States Flown To/From/In (but not including over)

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    Good way for us to go, thanks Mark for putting this in motion.


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    I am not sure if the registration process is working correctly. I registered and paid through PayPal but after confirming the payment on PayPal the link bounced back to Eventbrite where there was an OPPS! message stating that it could not find the event! So far no confirmation message from PayPal that a payment was made.

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    dy, the website admins (BAC admins) received a confirmation email from paypal for your 2 days (I guess) for the BAC tac event.

    Mark, are the registered guests supposed to show on eventbright also, or is the only confirmation we receive the paypal email?


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    David - you can get back to the event on Eventbrite at You do show as paid for 2. You should also get a confirmation email from Eventbrite. Besides myself, Brad and Rap are admins on Eventbrite and can get at the full registration info on the Eventbrite site.

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    Tried it a second time and everything worked ok. Not sure what happened the first time, but PayPal confirmation and Eventbrite confirmation came through okay on the second try. Thanks!
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