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Thread: Eagles Nest Airport Open House

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    Eagles Nest Airport Open House

    Not sure where to put this.
    Eagles Nest (31E) is where my Champ is hangared. The open house is not an Aeronca event but several tail dragars are based here and a " V" tail,and a C24 Sierra. The new owner has brought an airport back to life. All support will be appreciated.

    Come and visit Eagles Nest and see one of the few airports in New Jersey that is growing and improving. New hangars, fuel, Sky Diving, banner towing, modelers, and more.
    Eagles Nest Airport (31E) Community Open House June 21, 2014.
    Fly In 11:00 - 3:00 , EAA Plane Rides, Food and Entertainment.

    Community 5K Run/Walk

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    I think there is a Champ flyin in ohio that weekend.

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    Hi Jim,
    If I'm available that day, I'll come down.

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    Hey Guys,

    I'll try to make it as well...

    Received your PM - thanks for the heads up Dave !


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    Hi Dave and Scott
    I will be there all day. My Champ is N82686 and my sons Sierra is N60021. Both should be on the flight line.

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    Hi Dave,

    What happened - I'm here - big turnout...


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    Last flight had some battery problems.when I went to airport today, I pulled the cowl off and found a broken wire at the alternator. Couldn't get the nut off, as the entire bolt was turning. Mechanic finally arrived, but by the time it was fixed and re-cowled, it was 2:30. I left you a voicemail on your cell.
    Sorry guys,really wanted to go.

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    Eagles Nest Airport Open House

    Hi Dave,

    Man - sorry - been a tough year on your plane... A Musketeer was leaving when I arrived but Jim said he wasn't a member - and - when Jim broached the subject he wasn't interested... Eagles Nest is a great little airport and Jim was the perfect host... Wind was a perfect 90 and pretty burbly as you came in over the trees... Everything is new and they are busy and expanding... I'm dropping my bird off in the AM for annual - so I'll probably be down for a week or two... We'll catch you next time...


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    Hi Scott
    Thank you for flying in to Eagles Nest. In was nice to meet you and your wife. There will be other events and next time my son will be flying his Sierra. Monday the airport lighting project will start. Many other improvements are in the works. Eagles Nest is close to the Beaches at Long Brach Island and just down the road from Callaways Restaurant and Amusement Park. I hope to see you again and meet other BAC members.


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    Hi Jim,

    It was a pleasure to meet you as well and see your great little classic champ... Really - good luck with your flying lessons - from what I've heard - actually learning in a tail dragger produces the best pilots...

    Watching the banner tow operations up close was pretty neat - I had never seen them pick up the banners before - looks pretty challenging...

    It's a busy little corridor flying down between NYC and PHL - wouldn't want to do it without flight following for that extra set of eyes... Plenty of heavy traffic...

    Normally we take tons of pictures but unfortunately - Jackie didn't preflight the Camera and the battery was dead...

    Thanks for inviting us...


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