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Thread: BAC TAC Wichita Photos

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    BAC TAC Wichita Photos

    Here's a new forum for posting additional photos from Wichita. The 21 members, spouses and guests that made it to BAC TAC:
    Ann Mitchell, Brad Mitchell, Jane Singleton, Dave Singleton, Linda Nielsen, Mike Nielsen, Penny Olsen, Don Olsen, Jared Sprole, Mike Ferguson, David Leedom, Steve Powers, John Redmon, Bob Schmidt, Dave Stevens, Gary Kotrous, Tim Vangundy, Marty Vanover, Mark Weiss, John Pater and Dave Buttram.
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    Hi Brad,

    Nice shots - thanks for sharing with those of us who were unable to attend...


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    I want to see the pics of the factory tour..especially the pictures of the warehouse with miles of baby Beech parts, stacked much like the last scene from Citizen Kane, or Raiders of the lost Ark!!..Miles and miles of parts, jigs and unfinished airframes....Go on..They must have shown you guys that part of the factory...
    Or am I just dreaming?

    Mark II from Oz..

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    Excellent!! Thanks for sharing the event with photos (even though I REALLY wanted to make it!) Well .... the good news is that we are back at home after driving to Montana for my son's wedding last week. One of these days I will meet another mouse ...

    Nelson (San Antonio)
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    Okay Nelson,
    You have way too many toys in that hangar. Did I count correctly, is that a power boat, a sail boat, a motorcycle, and an airplane............................


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    10th Anniversary

    It was very nice to meet the 10th Anniversary attendees. Being new to the club I was disappointed that I didn't have to fly in to my first fly-in. It was nice to have you all here in Wichita. I wanted to fly into KBEC so I could fly somewhere that weekend. The seven minute flight was quick! The factory tour was great and comradery even better.

    Here are pictures of all the aircraft attending, at least I think I got all of them. Mike Nielson and I share the same paint scheme on our 1976 Sierras so we posed them together at my home base, Stearman Field, 1K1.


    Beech Sierra

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    Hi Donald,

    That's what I was waiting for - pictures of the PLANES - thanks so much...


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    From the Beech Factory tour, courtesy of Dave Singleton............
    Beech Factory.jpg
    Pictured from left to right: Mike Ferguson, Brad Mitchell, Mark Weiss, Steve Powers, John Redmon, Jane Singleton, Dave Singleton, Marty Vanover, Mike Nielsen, Linda Nielsen, Tim Vangundy, Dave Stevens and Jared Sprole.

    Missing from the photo were David Leedom, Don Olsen, Penny Olsen, John Pater and Gary Kotrous
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