I am planning on replacing my hoses next month and can't seem to get a good feel for using Teflon hoses. On my Sierra the oil cooler hoses seem to have a short radius bend and with the Teflon hoses being stiffer I am afraid of kinking a hose. When talking to the hose guys they say that if you use Teflon hoses you will need more fittings because Teflon will not make the same radius bend as rubber. Thier opinion is the advantages of teflon do not override the the installation ease of rubber. ( with the hose fire sleeved you have a hard time telling if the hose is about to kink). Has anyone installed Teflon hoses specifically for their oil cooler where it is mounted on a bracket off the firewall about mid engine height. ( 1971 Sierra I0-360 ). By the way I was quoted a slightly lower price for firesleeved Teflon than Firesleeved Rubber.
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