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Thread: Article: Beech Aero Club Shirts , Books, Hats and Maintenance DVDs " add Tail # to back of hat or sleeve of shirt for $5 more"

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    Article: Beech Aero Club Shirts and Hats

    John Persinger
    Beech Aero Club President

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    Order Filled JP
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    Thank You Fred .Perfect format for ordering. I will send you an email with the pay pal invoice once I get the shipping charge .Note women's sizes are one size smaller than normal. If you normally wear a small you should order a medium. I published this thread so it wouldn't be difficult to find.

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    thanks-....the girls are smalls--------so following your advise I ordered med's for them.

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    Ok - - gave up after searching......

    How do I access the "club's paypal feature" to order my shirt? Thanks,


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    When we toured the Beech plane it was obvious that all the employees were wearing a combination of red and white. Flags on the perimeter fence were red with a white "B" on them. It is my belief that these are the official Beech colors. It occurred to me that we may want to emphasize these colors on the shirts and even our logos. Even so, they had shirts of all colors in their Beech store so maybe this is not so important. I welcome other opinions.
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    order filled JP
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    Mike, If you want a shirt or hat in any color above from the links ,be my guest.My personal opinion is we are not affiliated with Beechcraft .We are a club that pools together to keep an aircraft that has been off production for over 30 years alive and well. Rick oversees our logo and I have opened these items with his and the boards approval. Rick has specific logo colors and I personally would not change any of that.
    Nelson , You don't need to search. I left the directions above .I also pm'd my phone number if you have questions.
    Gary ,I will get your order in and email you the pay pal invoice.
    Sorry if I sound grumpy on any of these responses

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    I humbly disagree. John Deere which manufactures all sorts of farm equipment maintains green as the mainstay of their products and logo. People do buy John Deere clothing of all kinds and all colors. The reoccurring theme is green if only on the logo. It would be like seeing a John Deer logo in brown, red, or purple. The identity is lost. Even our logo has been known to change colors. I did ask for opinions and I got one. Thanks!
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    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    Mike ,you are welcome on my opinion any time. I am just happy to streamline the ordering process . The shirts ,hats and maintenance DVD's are easier to pay ,order and process now.

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