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Thread: Flap Adjust Fly In KALX (Alexander Ctiy, AL)

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    Flap Adjust Fly In KALX (Alexander Ctiy, AL)

    The fly in will begin at 9:15 AM on Friday July 11th. I hope that qualifies for the 5 day advance notice. We will be adjusting Mouse flaps on whoever shows up.


    Rap McBurney

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    See you there. Will our landings be recorded so appropriate awards are handed out? Just want to be sure I grease it instead of the usual donut workout....


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    Looks to be about a 2.5 journey for me. This comes with a 5 knot guarantee right?

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    Rap, we can order you a big box of these to hand out. That way you can offer a 5 knot guarantee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_w_bruce View Post
    Rap, we can order you a big box of these to hand out. That way you can offer a 5 knot guarantee.

    So many comics out of work and here comes Jay making jokes.

    Will there be donut's ?

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    Free donuts ? I'm flying in from NY...


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    Donuts...did someone say donuts??

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    Duh, it's flaps. I'll pickup some flaps at Daylight Flaps and head to the airport. 5 Knots, now I wish I'd have thought of that.

    Update on Mom is no medical events planned for the balance of the week, so I should be at ALX Friday, pls everybody check this thread before you depart as my plans could change any moment. Thanks to all for the calls, concerns and most importantly prayers.


    Rap McBurney

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    Guaranteed at least a 5 knot HEAD wind in one direction.

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    Scott , on the way down to Raps stop in the Mid Atlantic .We will supply donuts to take to the Fly-in.Your choice of Dunkin or Krispy Kreme .Heck we will even have them warmed up for you.Seriously ,I wish I could attend this Rap. JP

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