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New Website Email – 2020 January

Greetings BAC Members.

Many of you by now have had a chance to login to the new website and we hope you are enjoying the new look and features.  If you haven’t yet we encourage you login and come say hello.

But, we do know some of your have been having challenges and wanted to reach out with a few key help points.

  • We have a general troubleshooting guide at https://www.beechaeroclub.org/member-assistance-main/troubleshooting-guide/ .
    • That will walk you through the various likely problems and solutions.
    • As noted on that page if you get logged in but get the Member Only Content error you may be expired or have some other issue. 
  • There is a Membership Checker page at https://www.beechaeroclub.org/membership-checker
    • Note it only can work when you’re logged in (it has to know who you are).
    • If you see all green boxes and no red boxes on this page your setup on the website is good to go.
      • Caching or cookie issues are the likely culprit and you can refer back to the website Troubleshooting Guide mentioned previously.
    • A red box as the first colored box means you are (or the site thinks you are) expired and the expiration date is given below.
    • Other red boxes  indicate technical problems that we will have to resolve for you – let us know.
  • Once logged in we’ve added a quick link to your own personal list of new posts at https://www.beechaeroclub.org/forum/newposts/?group=1 to help you have an experience similar to the old website for new posts.

Lastly we would like to call out that Tapatalk is no longer supported on the new website.

Continued support of Tapatalk was not possible due to a lack of support for newer platforms by Tapatalk as well as ongoing security issues with the plugin used to support Tapatalk.  Unfortunately Tapatalk does not provide a clear error on the reason for its failure to connect.  If you have been using Tapatalk we encourage you to login and use your web browser.  The new website uses a responsive layout that is much more mobile friendly.  Another advantage is you will have access to the full set of website features and not just the forums as with Tapatalk.

Contact Us

Lastly of course if none of that works or you otherwise need assistance you can reach us via a request at https://www.beechaeroclub.org/member-assistance-main/create-helpdesk-request/ or email us at support@beechaeroclub.org .  We will get back to you shortly and work to resolve your issue.

Thank you for your continued participation in and support of Beech Aero Club,

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.