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BAC and User Fees…what you can do! Act NOW!

As a group we’ve been pretty quiet about the debate in Washington concerning user fees. Like most people sometimes I’m too busy, confused or just don’t know what to do to help so I end up doing nothing and hoping for the outcome I favor. Well I believe we all favor the defeat of these ridiculous proposals before Congress but we must take action! And here’s how….Here is the site that will help you identify and contact your congressional representatives. Please note, personally written messages are much more effective than some institutionally prepared epistle so I won’t even think of drafting something for everyone to copy. But some points to bring up concerning H.R. 1356 (“The Next Generation Air Transportation System Financing Reform Act of 2007”) include substantial increases in the fuel taxes, the removal of control of the FAA from Congress to the FAA Administrator and the airlines, user fees for flying in Class B airspace and more!

Your message, be it email or snail mail should address your concerns and opposition to these issues, the negative impact H.R. 1356 will have on your flying and the negative impact it will have on your community.

Finally, if you want to contribute financially to the AOPA Political Action Committee, you can send your donation to AOPA PAC, P.O. Box 866 Frederick, MD 21705-9867.

Do your part! Write, send money or both but DO SOMETHING IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.