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Temporary Discount – High-Dollar Parts Availability

I have temporary access to a few new high-dollar parts. I can’t afford to stock them, and (for a number of reasons) I don’t think they are suitable for BAC to to purchase and stock them. Instrument cluster, glareshield assembly, fuel selector valve, mixture control, carb air box, carb air box valve, quadrant control cover. Please let me know ASAP of any interest.Here are the probable costs, within $25 or so:

$500/List $842 – Complete 30-79A brake assembly; includes caliper plus backing plates with linings. Fits Cleveland-equipped airframes through MC578, M2034, and MB890.

$950/List $1,737 – Instrument cluster; fits MB814, MB817 up; M1875, M1880-M2178; MC449, MC452-MC673 (basically the 1977-1979 19/23/24). Note that this is basically the same as the current overhaul cost for your old cluster (if you are lucky and can get it scheduled; there is a weeks-long backlog).

$850/List $1,459 – Glareshield assembly; fits all 1975-1977 19/23/24. Probably fits later models as well, with slight differences such as radio cooling slot placement.

$2,699/List $4,884 – Fuel selector valve; fits all 19/23/24

$250/List $422 – Mixture control cable; fits B23 and C23 serials M1095-M1979 except M1971, 1968-1977

$375/List $672 – Carb air box; fits Sports MB001-MB480

$650/List $1,206 – Carb air box valve assembly; fits all Sundowners

$325/List $860 – Quadrant control cover; fits all Sierras. Could be re-marked for quadrant-equipped Sundowners and Sports.

Please let me know ASAP of any interest, before these disappear into List Price Land.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.