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BAC At Sun N Fun (plus the Rellihans and the self-loading baggage)

I will have the “RellyStation” set up at the NE corner of Hangar D, toward the Nature Walk to the campground. Been setting up there for 20 years now. The Garmin booth is usually inside the same corner of D, and they usually set up a training tent outside the same side of D. There will be several lawn chairs cabled to a nice shade tree, the fire ants will have all been sprayed on the ground and trunk, and I hope to have the BAC Banner flying if some stuffed shirt doesn’t make me take it down. We will be there late Saturday to get the camper set up in generator camping (it’s a white and silver TAB Teardrop). The camper will be day use only for Paula and the dog (heat and AC); we have a hotel booked in town. Current plans have us there at least through the end of Thursday, and probably longer.

Plant city airport is a great place to fly into for the show. About ten years ago they went under new management and really got their act together for SNF arrivals (including convenient rental cars). The drive into SNF Parking from PC is via back roads that carry a lot less traffic on show days than the other main entry routes.

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.