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Southwest Fly-In Furnace Creek

Furnace Creek – Southwest Fly-In

April 24thWell we are getting closer to the Southwest Fly-In to Furnace Creek. I thought I would post some ideas of things to do while we are there thanks to the help of Chandra Bryda who has been working with me at the Inn for this event.

Plan to be at the Furnace Creek Airport at 11:00am on the 24th if at all possible. I would like to get a group picture and record each tail number and from where your flight originated so you can get points for the Presidents Trophy. From there we will take a van to the Inn.

At the Inn

After the Brunch, we can spend some time in the tranquility of the Inn Gardens. You can climb to the Teahouse above the Inn for the view. You can treat yourself to a massage, browse in the Inn Gift Shop and for the non-pilots, enjoy a glass of wine at the Lobby Bar.

At the Ranch

They have the world’s lowest golf course. (214 ft. below sea level) Hit a bucket of balls on the Driving Range (I think that’s what I am planing to do), Ride horseback on the One-hour, Two-hour tour, Visit the Historic Borax Museum. Pick up snacks and souvenirs in the General Store. Shop in the Golf Pro Shop. Relax on a Champagne Carriage Ride,(Or a romantic private Carriage Ride.) Drink a Date Shake at the 49er Café. Play pool in the Corkscrew Saloon. Bird watch among the date palms.

As far as aerial photo flights are concerned, Chandra suggested Ubehebe Crater, Artists Drive, Golden Canyon, and Zabriskie Point. I will work on a map of the area and get some GPS Waypoints for these areas as well. The park as a 500’ AGL floor in the park and I would suggest at least 1000’ AGL for photo flights to help keep the noise down.

Stay Tuned and


Jeff Bryant

Southwest Regional Director

Beech Aero Club

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.