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Time for Fly-ins in the North West Region

GREETINGS – to all you intrepid members of BAC here in the Great North West! This is a re-send of the message on MM, and also in the BAC newsletter – but I NEED your inputs, so here goes!The weather was been great up here most of March – but I’ve been traveling – I flew (commercial, durn it!) to Florida at the end of February and tried to make the Beech Aero Club’s SouthEast Region’s fly-in at Fantasy of Flight – COLD and FOG!

Go figure.

Now that the weather is getting better, it’s time to get some flying started up here in the beautiful NorthWest!

I hope all you Musketeers from Washington, Oregon, N. California, plus Idaho, Colorado, and W. Montana, even UTAH, as well as British Columbia and Alberta to be raring to fly to a central point for some real Musketeer Fun. I’ve heard from one member in Australia who might make it!

How many of us is that?

I’m looking for suggested dates from all you’all – I’m kind of booked up most of April now, and May 22-23 is the earliest I can guesstimate I will be free.

How about you?

I’m thinking of having the first Beech Aero Club-sponsored fly-in for ALL Musketeer drivers and friends at Newberg (2S6) OREGON (Seattle Sectional.)

I’m planning a BBQ, plus a group flyby and landing at McMinnville (MMV,) with atour of the local Flight Service Station (yea, there are still such things!

Right across the road is the Evergreen Museum – home of the Spruce Goose, and lots of other neat planes – including an early V-tail and a Starship! Lots of experimentals, and warbirds, too!

There is a great little FBO at Newberg and cheap gas) – they just finished a party room. Plenty of grass parking with tiedown rings.

Newberg allows camping on the field. Also, hotels are just about 100 yrds away!

As we firm up a date, I’ll get rates and discounts worked up.

Second day we could fly up the Columbia Gorge with a fly-by of Mt. St. Helens if the TFR is lifted by then, and on to The Dalles (DLS) for lunch at the airport restaurant. If you haven’t flown the Gorge, you will be impressed!

If the weather up the Gorge doesn’t look promissing, there’s always Pearson Airpark (VUO) the oldest operating airport in the west.

Pearson is home to a great little museum about the Oregon Trail and Lewis & Clark (Ft. Vancouver National Historic Site,) as well as aircraft and cars (Pierson Air Museum.)

If you’ve never landed at Pearson – directly across from Portland International, you are in for a treat!

We could also drop in to Aurora Airport (UAO) (right next door to Newberg)and tour the VANS Aircraft factory.

How about flying to my home base – Walla Walla (ALW?)

If you are interested in things mechanical, I’ve got master A&I Stan Holm at Blue Ridge Aviation on tap for ideas on how to make your Annual more fun. He knows ALL about the front spar bracket AD, the CAT tubing corrosion issue and replaced my Donuts this year!

Cloyd gave me a great idea when he mentioned a ‘Weigh-in’ event! I’ve been after Stan to buy a set of scales and this would be a great “weigh” to break them in – figuratively…

As far as breaking scales, only Sierras are heavy enough to break scales (at least Mike Rellihan’s is when he’s carrying that kitchen sink!)

Mr. Richard Bogert, one of our great BAC discount suppliers from nearby Vista Field, would be happy drop over to show us all his tools and equipment.

If some folks flew in to Walla Walla early Friday evening, there are over 20 wineries right on the Walla Walla Airport for tasting (and purchase, if you have a good relationship with VISA!)

Don’t forget the EAA Northwest Fly-in and Sport Aviation Convention July 6-10.

It’s a tradition to have a MM section there, and there are more of us in the NorthWest than ever before!

NOW we have the great banner of BAC-NW to un-furl for all to see!

I’ll be depending on some Puget Sounders to take the ball on that one!

I’ve got lots of ideas of things to do & I’m ready to help all of you to get this fly-in season off the ground (man – is that a pun or what?)

But I need you to chime in with YOUR ideas and dates…let’s get together this year for some great flying and yacking!

I’ve heard from at least 10 BACers so far, but how about EVERYBODY giving me a quick note about your interests and availablity?


Bill Howard



1973 Sport 150

BAC NorthWest Region Director


(541) 938-8314

Thank you for adding to the resources available for your Fellow BAC Members.